About Us:

LegiNation, Inc. was founded with the goal of making state level legislation more readily available to the professionals who need it, and even more importantly to the public at large. We are building products and websites to spark a renaissance in American politics, leveraging the internet to create the dialog so desperately needed amongst our elected officials, legislative professionals, and everyday citizens.

BillTrack50 is available for everyone to research state and federal legislation and legislators any time, for free. We believe there are lots of smart people with great ideas about the challenges facing the United States today. Our goal is to help them become informed about what their government is doing, and to connect with their representatives to offer their insights and knowledge where and when they are needed. Together we can build a country that works for everyone. Really, it's not hopeless, we can do it!

BillTrack50 also provides simple, elegant tools for tracking and sharing bills, as a subscription service. These tools are appropriate for professionals and organizations who need to keep on top of legislative developments, and keep others (and /or the public) informed about bills as they progress through the process. We are always happy to provide a free trial request.

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LegiNation was founded by Karen Suhaka in 2011.