Rank: 1
Elected: 2006
Re-election: 2016
Capri S. Cafaro  -  (D) Ohio
State Senator - Ohio Senate District 32
State Capitol
One Capitol Square
Columbus, OH 43215
  • Phone: (614) 466-7182
  • Fax: (614) 466-5559
State District
108 Main Avenue, SW
Warren, OH 44481
  • Phone: (330) 372-2222
  • Fax: (330) 394-4444
Bill Bill Name Summary
SB25 Raise minimum wage/raise salary threshold exempting from overtime/create... To amend sections 119.14, 121.083, 1349.61, 4111.02, 4111.03, 4111.09, 4111.13, 4111.14, 4113.15, 4115.03, 4121.01, 4123.01, 4123.026, 4141.01, and 5747.01 and to enact sections 4175.01, 4175.02, 4175.03, 4175.04, 4175.05,...
SB19 Ohio College Opportunity Grant-changes/state university overload fees-limit To amend section 3333.122 and to enact sections 3333.072 and 3345.38 of the Revised Code, to amend Section 207.10 of Am. H.B. 497 of the 130th General Assembly, and to amend Section 207.440 of Am. H.B. 497, as subsequently...
SB16 Applications of fertilizer or manure-regulate/study nutrient loading of ... To amend sections 905.321 and 6111.03 and to enact sections 901.80, 901.81, 901.82, 901.83, 905.326, and 905.327 of the Revised Code to require applicators of fertilizer or manure to comply with specified requirements and ...
SB11 Jason Gresko Act-create Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents Fund To amend section 2329.66 and to enact sections 143.01 to 143.11 of the Revised Code to enact the "Jason Gresko Act" to create the Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents Fund to provide death benefits to survivors of voluntee...
SB20 Community schools-audit and record-keeping requirements To amend sections 117.11 and 149.351 and to enact sections 117.102, 149.46, and 3314.031 of the Revised Code regarding audit and record-keeping requirements for community school sponsors and operators.
SB24 Community colleges-noncredit programs-eligible for Ohio College Opportun... To amend sections 3333.122 and 3333.20 and to enact section 3333.165 of the Revised Code to qualify
SB23 Police-community relations-improvement To amend sections 109.802 and 109.803 and to enact sections 2933.84, 2933.85, and 2933.86 of the Revised Code to establish the Ohio Community-Police Relations Commission to investigate the condition of community-police rel...
SB22 Local Government Fund - increase monthly allocation To amend section 131.51 of the Revised Code to increase monthly allocations to the Local Government Fund from 1.66% to 3.68% of the total tax revenue credited to the GRF each month.
SB21 Earned income tax credit-remove income restriction/make refundable To amend sections 5747.71 and 5747.98 of the Revised Code to remove the income restriction on the earned income tax credit and to make the credit refundable beginning in 2015.
SB5 First responders-diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder without a... To amend sections 4123.01, 4123.026, and 4123.46 of the Revised Code to make peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical workers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder arising from employment without an acco...
SB13 Rape/sexual battery-implicated by DNA evidence-extend statute of limitat... To amend section 2901.13 of the Revised Code to extend the period of limitations for commencing a rape or sexual battery prosecution against a person who is implicated in the offense by DNA analysis.
SB18 Refundable income tax credit-hire veterans/members of National Guard or ... To amend section 5747.98 and to enact section 5747.78 of the Revised Code to authorize a refundable income tax credit for employers that hire one or more qualified veterans or members of the National Guard or reserves.
SB42 Minors-outpatient mental health treatment To amend sections 3109.051, 3109.11, 3109.12, and 5122.04 and to enact section 5122.041 of the Revised Code regarding minors and outpatient mental health treatment.
SB81 Women veterans license plate To enact section 4503.581 of the Revised Code to create the "Women Veterans" license plate.
SB76 Protection orders-service on violator not necessary if actual notice and... To amend section 2919.27 of the Revised Code to provide that service of a protection order or consent agreement upon a person is not necessary for the person to be convicted of the offense of violating a protection order i...
SB75 Agritourism To amend sections 303.21, 519.21, and 5713.30 and to enact section 901.80 of the Revised Code to limit the authority of a board of county commissioners or board of township trustees to prohibit agritourism through zoning, ...
SB101 Prescription contraceptives; pregnancy prevention-sexual assault victims... To amend sections 121.22, 2907.29, 3313.60, 3313.6011, 3314.03, 3326.11, 3328.24, 4729.16, 4729.18, and 4729.35 and to enact sections 1751.68, 3701.049, 3727.61, 3727.611, 3727.612, 3923.84, 4729.43, and 4729.44 of the Rev...
SB128 Bartter Syndrome Awareness Day-May 30 To enact section 5.255 of the Revised Code to designate the thirtieth day of May as "Bartter Syndrome Awareness Day."
SB129 Insurers-prior authorization requirements To amend section 1739.05 and to enact sections 1751.72, 3901.90, 3923.041, 5160.33, and 5160.34 of the Revised Code to amend the law related to the prior authorization requirements of insurers.
SB135 Patients-need drugs for rare diseases-limit out-of-pocket costs To amend section 1739.05 and to enact sections 1751.691 and 3923.851 of the Revised Code to limit the out-of-pocket cost to an individual covered by a health plan for drugs used to treat rare diseases.
SR10 Honoring The Ohio State University football team on winning the 2014-201... Honoring The Ohio State University football team on winning the 2014-2015 National Championship.
SR9 Honoring William Batchelder on his retirement from the Ohio House of Rep... Honoring Carolyn Towner on her retirement as president of the Towner Policy Group.
SB17 Medicaid Program-coverage of eligibility expansion group required To enact section 5163.04 of the Revised Code to require the Medicaid program to cover the eligibility expansion group authorized by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and to make an appropriation.
SB62 State institutional facilities-closing, sale, privatization To enact section 107.31 of the Revised Code to establish provisions regarding the possible closing, sale, or privatization of state institutional facilities.
Bill Number Motion Vote Date Vote
SB13 Senate Passed 3/25/2015 Yea
SB3 Senate Passed 3/25/2015 Nay
HB53 Senate Passed 3/18/2015 Yea
SB38 Senate Passed 3/18/2015 Nay
HB19 Senate Passed 3/11/2015 Yea
SB26 Senate Passed 3/11/2015 Yea
SB5 Senate Favorable Passage 2/25/2015 Yea
SB1 Senate Favorable Passage 2/19/2015 Yea
SB1 Senate Passed 2/18/2015 Yea
HJR1 Senate Adopted 2/11/2015 Nay
SB2 Senate Passed 2/11/2015 Yea
HCR3 Senate Adopted 1/28/2015 Yea
SR14 Senate Adopted 1/28/2015 Yea
SR1 Senate Adopted 1/9/2015 Yea
SR2 Senate Adopted 1/9/2015 Yea
SR2 Senate Adopted 1/9/2015 Yea
SCR1 Senate Adopted 1/5/2015 Yea
Role Committee
Detail Ranking Minority Member Senate Committee on Medicaid
Detail Ranking Minority Member Senate Committee on Transportation, Commerce and Labor
Detail Vice Chair Subcommittee on Higher Education
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Agriculture
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Ways and Means
Detail State Committee Member Joint Oversight Committee on Medicaid
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Health and Human Services
Detail State Committee Member Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics
Name Title Role Description Location Address
Nicole Ganim Administrative Aide Senior Secretary / Secretary Capitol Office One Capitol Square
Columbus, OH. 43215
Jon Wike District Director District Director / District Chief of Staff District Office 1 108 Main Avenue, Southwest
Warren, OH. 44481
Annie Ryznar Legislative Aide/Scheduler Research Assistant / Legislative Aide Capitol Office One Capitol Square
Columbus, OH. 43215
Capri S. Cafaro has represented the 32nd Ohio Senate District since January 2007 when she was appointed to the 127th General Assembly. Cafaro’s district encompasses Ashtabula and Trumbull counties, located in Northeast Ohio. As of 2013, portions of Geauga County have been added to her district as well.
Cafaro, 34, graduated from Stanford University with a BA in American Studies and from Georgetown University with a MALS in International Studies. She has a long standing interest in public policy pertaining to health care and the needs of older adults. She was a State Advocate Representative for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and served as a councilor for the Medicare Rights Center. In addition, she previously served on the Trumbull County Senior Services Advisory Council and was a State Policy Liaison for Ohio with the National Patient Advocate Foundation. Senator Cafaro has also acted as an Economic Policy Associate for Global Action on Aging, an NGO with consultative status at the United Nations. Additionally, as a participant in the Clinton Global Initiative, she developed a project on Anti-Corruption efforts in emerging democracies.
One year after her appointment, Cafaro secured a leadership position as Assistant Minority Whip for the Senate Democrats. Her hard work and dedication was quickly acknowledged by her peers and in January 2009 she was sworn in as Senate Minority Leader. She served as the Minority Leader until January of 2012, making her the longest serving Senate Minority Leader since the late 1990’s. During her tenure as Leader, Senate Democrats passed more bills than under any other leadership in the last decade.
Senator Cafaro currently serves as the Ranking Member on the Senate Standing Committees on Health, Human Services, and Aging and Highways and Transportation. She serves on the Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee, as well as the Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee, and the Legislative Service Commission. She has been appointed to and currently serves on the Health Care Coverage and Quality Council, the Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering, the Ohio Advisory Council for Aging, the Redistricting, Reapportionment and Demographic Research Task Force, and the Unified Long Term Care Services and Supports Group.
Senator Cafaro was presented with the 2007-08 Legislator of the Year Award by Ohio Advanced Practice Nurses for her outstanding contributions to the practice and advocacy of health care-related legislation. She was also honored as 2008 Woman of the Year by the Liberty Historical Society. In 2008 she was named a Friend of Agriculture by the Ohio Farm Bureau and awarded the honor of being one of the five MVP’s in her “40 under 40” Class, selected and hosted by the Mahoning Valley 20/30 Club.
In 2009, Senator Cafaro was recognized as Legislator of the Year by the Ohio Speech and Hearing Coalition, the Ohio Farmer’s Union, AMVETS Department of Ohio, and Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers’ Association and the Soybean Association for her leadership and support of Ohio’s bio products industry and Ohio agriculture. Senator Cafaro was further recognized for her service by Ohio Jewish Communities in 2009 and 2011. She was nominated a legislator of the year by Ohio’s Homecare and Hospice Association in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, Senator Cafaro received the Youth Leadership Award from the National Italian American Foundation in Washington, D.C. Senator Cafaro, on behalf of the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus, received the Ohio State Lodge Legislator of the Year Award in 2011 from the Fraternal Order of Police. She also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association in 2011.