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Denver Challenge Cup Competitors Bring Real-World Solutions to Tough Industries
(Jan 28, 2014) - Last Thursday night, startups from the Denver area came to compete for the chance to travel to the final round of the Challenge Cup in Washington, D.C. They came from the world of education, energy, health and smart cities-and all were looking to disrupt markets with unique strategies. They put their best pitches on display, especially as judges reminded them that their "competitors from around the world" were watching them that night.

Meet The Challenge Cup Denver's Hottest Showcasing Startups
(Jan 20, 2014) - Last week was the Challenge Cup Denver’s Regional competition, held at Galvanize. Dozens of startups delivered their one-minute pitch on stage to a panel of judges, where one company from each category would emerge as the winner and move onto the final round.

Track freedom-of-information bills on CFOIC's new legislature page
(Jan 13, 2014) - A new page on the website of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition lets you track bills in the state legislature that could affect the flow or availability of information in Colorado. We use BillTrack50, a subscription service and CFOIC member organization, to stay informed on proposals such as SB 14-034, Sen. Bernie Herpin’s bill to strengthen the journalist shield law in Colorado.

Resources for tracking current federal and state legislation
(Dec 9, 2013) - Almost everyone interested in public policy finds themselves tracking federal or state legislation on specific topic or a particular bill. A number of excellent resources are available to do this–and several of these are free or low-cost!

DSW Panel Talks Colorado Open Data, Sees Opportunities, Challenges
(Sept 20, 2013) - Hackers, developers, and public servants came together during Denver Startup Week to discuss improvements that have been made, as well as challenges that exist, when it comes to Colorado’s publicly available data. The issues are at the core of broader trends in “big data,” open government, and finding new ways to help startups use the resources of government to build businesses while helping citizens.

Legislation Tracking and What Karen Suhaka Has Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur
(Sept 17, 2013) - Despite having founded a total of six companies, Karen Suhaka isn’t afraid to admit that she’s persistently learning how to run a business. For the serial entrepreneur and founder of LegiNation (the company behind BillTrack50), learning along the way has been a crucial experience that has helped to mold the companies she’s operated as well as to mold herself as an entrepreneur.

Business Alchemy: Turning Vast Quantities of Free Government Data into Entrepreneurial Gold
(Sept 9, 2013) - So far this year, state and federal legislators have logged more than 133,000 bills. Of those, about 20,000 have been passed into law. Some of these may impact you or your business, but who has the time to go through all of those bills?.

Denver Set to Launch 1 Million Cups to Educate, Connect Local Entrepreneurs
(Date, 2013) - 1 Million Cupsâ„¢, a program to educate and connect entrepreneurs, is set to launch in downtown Denver next Wednesday, June 12th. The Mile High City is the newest city – and the eighth nationwide – to host the weekly gathering that is building startup communities over cups of coffee and conversation across the country.

Karen Suhaka of presenting "A Look at Current Hydraulic Fracturing Legislation" at SPE Luncheon
(May 15, 2013)

Easily Monitor Legislation in Process through BillTrack50
(March 5, 2013) - At CTA, we monitor legislation relevant to Colorado's technology industry. To make it easy for members to track what's happening, we've partnered with Legination to use a tool called BillTrack50 (created by Colorado entrepreneur Karen Suhaka!).

BillTrack50 wants to make it easier to search, engage with legislation
(Februrary 20, 2013) - Give us the BillTrack50 elevator pitch. BillTrack50 provides convenient and user-friendly 50-state legislative data to both citizens and those with a professional interest.

Keep an eye on Congress with BillTrack50
(December 30, 2012) - While the rest of us go about our business, Congress is making decisions and voting on bills that could change our lives and the lives of our businesses. BillTrack50 wants to open up that world to public view.

New Tools Help Advocacy Groups Rank Legislators on Key Issues.
(December 12, 2012) -  LegiNation, creator of the BillTrack50 solution, today announced a partnership with Visible Government Online to provide advocacy groups with an interactive bill scorecard for an organization’s website. The tool, called LegiScore, provides a customized framework to score bills and legislators based the criteria developed by the group. Advocacy organizations that track policy and mobilize a voter-base now can quickly make their public aware of how bills affect their concerns, and the votes of lawmakers on those bills.

CityCamp Colorado - Bringing Innovation to Life
(November 30, 2012) - The third annual CityCamp Colorado took place on October 26, 2012. Almost 140 people attended the event, making it the largest gathering of open government advocates ever in Colorado. The attendees and presenters include city CIOs and IT staff, senior city leaders, Colorado state IT leaders, private enterprises and startups, nonprofits, elected officials and citizens.

Election day in Colorado: How did it stack up on voter-review site My Fair Election?
(November 15, 2012) - There was a lot of talk this election season about access to voting -- which is one reason Karen Suhaka, who runs a Denver-based online research company, decided to collect voter-driven data on the performance of polling sites across the country. Her website,, cataloged reviews from coast to coast, where voters rated polling places and vented about some of the worst disasters on November 6.

Professor Unveils Poll Review Website
(October 31, 2012) - In the new online social media world, when gastronomes explore a new restaurant, they might enter a review on Now,, a website founded by Harvard Kennedy School professor Archon Fung, allows voters to do a similar thing: review their experiences at the polls. On the site, voters can rate their polling experience on a five-star scale; these reviews will chronicle general voter satisfaction.

LegiNation and State Political Maps Introduce New 2013 Congressional and Legislative District Maps
(October 31, 2012) - LegiNation, creator of the BillTrack50 solution, today announced a partnership with State Political Maps to provide legislative watchers and professionals with wall maps of the 2013 Congressional Districts, State House Districts and State Senate Districts. Sharp, easy to use maps will help professionals quickly identify district boundaries and relevant representatives so they can strategically adjust efforts to focus on the correct regions and influencers.

MyFairElection Allows Voters to Rank Their Voting Experience on Election Day 2012
(October 26, 2012) - Today the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University unveiled, a new crowd sourced election monitoring platform that allows voters across the United States to rate the quality of their voting experience during Election Day on November 6, 2012.

Online Service Tracks Health Insurance Exchange Activity
(September 19, 2012) - LegiNation, which operates an online federal and state legislative tracking Web site, has added a service focused on tracking state activity to implement health insurance exchanges mandated under the Affordable Care Act.

Self-Storage Operators Continue to Pursue Legislative Reform in 2013
(September, 16 2012) - State self-storage associations have been busy facing or preparing to face the examination of state legislators and consumer-protection advocates, attending committee meetings, public debates and other tools of the legislative process. The good news is the timing couldn’t be better to revisit self-storage legislation.

New Online Service Tracks Changes in Health Insurance Exchange Legislation
(September 12, 2012) - LegiNation, creator of the BillTrack50 solution, today announced the launch of a centralized location and service to track health insurance exchange legislation related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

Healthcare Reform – What’s Next in Your State, and Are You Ready for It?
(August 22, 2012) - This summer we have already seen the Supreme Court strike down part of the Affordable Care Act. Several state governors indicate they are not going to increase their state's Medicaid rolls to be able to qualify for additional federal dollars. And, the running mate for the Republican presidential nominee is the member of Congress who is most vocal on Medicare reform. That would be a big year, let alone crammed into eight weeks. What else could possibly happen this summer?

Free Quick Search feature
(July 30, 2012) - "New video giving quick overview of how to use our quick search functionality.

2012 International Open Government Data Conference
(July 10, 2012) - 2012 International Open Government Data Conference

Radio Ad running in local Denver market (KNUS)
(July, 2012) - Now, more than ever, citizens need to be educated about legislation that is being proposed. Thankfully, is here to help you find and research all of the current proposed bills in every state and searching is quick, easy and completely FREE!

Business Models for Reuse of Open Legislative Data
(July 07, 2012) - TKaren Suhaka of LegiNation and Dr. Joshua Tauberer of GovTrack gave a “lightning talk” presentation entitled Legislative Transparency: A Round Up of Efforts and Results to Date...

Tracking state bills: Comparing BillTrack50 and GovTrack
(July 03, 2012) - This past spring two free services for searching and following bills in the fifty states and the U.S. Congress have appeared. LegiNation, Inc. launched BillTrack50 in April. BillTrack50 has a free component and a subscription component...

New Partnership Harnesses Big Data for Citizen Engagement
(June 27, 2012) - Initiatives to harness Big Data to serve the public good are gaining momentum with increased partnerships and financial support. In the spirit of “Data for the Greater Good,” Civic Impulse is joining with LegiNation to exchange data that will provide individuals, advocacy groups, businesses and legislative professionals access to information to better engage with government...

Self-Storage Professionals Keep Up With State Legislation to Ensure Success and Survival
(June 26, 2012) - The gridlock in Congress, with only around 10 percent of a total 9,427 bills enacted into law this year and only 513 resolutions passed, might leave some self-storage professionals to think there won’t be much change in legislature this year. However, at the state level, nearly 125,000 bills have been introduced to date in 2012, with 15 percent being signed into law. That means approximately 20,000 new laws have passed just this year, some of which could mean profound changes in the way self-storage facilities do business.

Welcoming the 50 States to GovTrack
(June 19, 2012) - If tracking one Congress was great, then tracking 51 of them must be even better!.

New Open Data Partnership Improves Government Transparency at State and Federal Levels
(June 18, 2012) - In a significant step toward greater government transparency, two organizations focused on publishing government data have joined forces to present major new comprehensive, user friendly, publicly accessible databases of state and federal bills. LegiNation, creator of the BillTrack50 solution to track state bills will exchange information with open government technology company Civic Impulse, developer of the federal legislative monitoring tool GovTrack. The aim of the data exchange is to provide individuals, advocacy groups, businesses and legislative professionals with access to information to better engage with government.

Imagine All 50 States Legislation in a Common Format
(May 7, 2012) - Stop for a while and imagine having the text from all 50 states legislation publishing in a common XML format. Seem like an impossibly difficult and expensive undertaking doesn’t it? With all the requirements gathering, getting systems to cooperate, and getting buy-in throughout the country, this could be another super-expensive project that in the end would fail. What would such a project cost...

Xcential and LegiNation Collaborate to promote Open Government through Technology.
(April 27, 2012) - In advance of TransparencyCamp 2012, LegiNation today announced their collaboration with Xcential has progressed efforts to improve transparency in government by making state legislative information more accessible. State-level issues are increasingly creating national dialogue as legislation such as the “Stand Your Ground” laws are exported from state-to-state. By accessing data using the LegiNation BillTrack50 database of state legislation, political professionals and activists can spot trending legislation early, and take action to promote, block or improve laws as they are introduced.

What’s up in your state legislature?
(April 20, 2012) - It’s about time someone created a way to keep a national watch on bills moving through state legislatures. And, fortunately, someone has. That someone is Denver-based LegiNation, founded in 2011, with a big goal: To help people “find relevant legislation across states, get informed and take action regarding new and proposed laws that impact their personal freedoms, interests and daily life.”.

Bill Track 50 - browse and track legislative information from the United States
(April 4, 2012) - We provide several simple tools to help you find, track, and share information about bills, legislators, and related information from all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. You can search for bills, read bill text, and see legislator information for free using our quick search. If you want to save queries and use our professional tools (alerts, widgets, stakeholder pages) a subscription is required...

BillTrack50 lets public, professionals review state legislation nationwide
(April 3, 2012) - Denver-based LegiNation has launched a new database – BillTrack50 which helps users navigate bills at the state level to find relevant current and proposed legislation. The database was announced at the NonProfit Technology Conference.

Free Access to State Legislative Information Paves Way for Political Action
(April 3, 2012) - LegiNation today announced open access to the BillTrack50 database of state bills to help individuals find relevant legislation across states, get informed and take action regarding new and proposed laws that impact their personal freedoms, interests and daily life.

LegiNation Launches BillTrack50, a New Way to Track State Legislative Information
(March 13, 2012) - LegiNation today announced the launch of BillTrack50, a new set of online services to track legislative information and gain improved insight into the progress and details of topically relevant bills

LegiNation: A Case of Classifying Bills
(February 29, 2012) - As a recent internet start-up that provides tools to help consumers find, track, and share information about bills, legislators, and related information from all 50 states, LegiNation was founded with the intent of making state level legislation more easily accessible to professionals and, ultimately, to the public at large.

Keeping an Eye on Unstructured Data for Better Decision Making
(February 16, 2012) - Managing unstructured data matters. Enormous amounts of untapped information goes to waste when it remains locked in unstructured data, which is difficult to find, categorize consistently, or otherwise process in order to contribute to critical decision making and proper storage and archive strategies. Making unstructured data visible and accessible helps organizations and individuals make decisions about how to be more efficient, secure, and ultimately more effective.

New Website Tracks Health Bills, State By State - Healthcare - Policy & Regulation - Informationweek
(February 15, 2012) - Bill Track 50 monitors all bills, including healthcare-related legislation--on ICD-10, health informative exchanges, and the like--for each state. One use: Search for and compare similar proposals.

Keeping an Eye on Candidates: Web Tools Monitor Elected Officials and Legislation
(January 12, 2012) - Occupy Wall Street protestors have been drawing the media's attention to the influence of corporations on the America political system for months. With primary season now in full-swing it seems that the web is getting in on the action. This week has seen announcements from LegiNation as well as MapL...

Pingar Helps LegiNation Automatically Track and Analyze Hundreds of Thousands of Unstructured Govern
(Sunnyvale, CA. January 10, 2012) - Pingar, a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions, today announced that LegiNation is using the Pingar API to make legislative information more available and able to be analyzed for better voting decisions by the public and special interest...