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Health Exchange BillSheet

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Tracking

BillTrack50 is proud to introduce our PPACA Tracker. We know that implementation of health insurance exchanges, in particular, is important for states and for stakeholders. We also know keeping updated on what is going on in each state is difficult, time consuming, and frustrating.

The PPACA Tracker will save you time while still keeping you informed. Just as we help these same stake holders find and track the over 200,000 state and federal bills introduced each session, BillTrack50 tracks what states are doing to implement health insurance exchanges. We monitor each state's plans, even if they haven’t introduced legislation yet. Every night we check state websites looking for new documents and updates to existing documents containing relevant details.

A subscription to the PPACA Tracker is $500 through the end of 2013. The service features the following capabilities:

  1. A list of changes and additions from the previous day for each state.
  2. A list of all relevant documents for any given state on the “associated documents” tab.
  3. Links to the documents themselves on the state sites.
  4. A summary email each morning of any new or changed information from the states. (You can turn this feature off on the alerts tab if you’d prefer to simply check the website once in a while for changes.)
  5. A separate Bill Sheet of all legislation introduced regarding Health Insurance Exchanges.
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