Stakeholder Page

Keep your clients and constituents updated.


Stakeholder Page

Improve communication by easily and securely share information with your stakeholders (clients, members, advocates, constituents, etc). A stakeholder page includes a bill sheet you define, as well as a private forum for discussion and analysis. You control who views the page, as well as who can read and write in the forum, and you can change the access settings any time. Using our tools, setting up a stakeholder page, including adding your logo, is quick and easy.

Stakeholder Pages are included in the price of a Bill Sheet. See our comparison chart for features and pricing.

Some of Our Legislative Products

Use our sophisticated search tools to find and track legislation from all 50 states. Once you save your search we will you updated with changes to existing bills and add new bills that meet your search.
Track changes and additions to your bill sheet using our custom alerts. For each bill sheet you can choose which items will trigger an email alert. You can change these configurations at any time.
Create a custom stakeholder page to share bills, analysis, and private discussion threads with your stakeholders. You manage who can read and write to the page, ensuring privacy as appropriate.
Do you need to let your constituents know about legislation that affects your common interests? With our widget you can set up a bill sheet and share it on your own website for your users to view for free.