BillTrack50 is a free service for citizens to look up information about federal and state bills and legislators. Register for a free account to start searching right away. We also provide tools appropriate for professionals to help track bills, and to help organizations share important information on their own website. To see how the free and paid services compare, see our comparison matrix.


LegiNation, Inc. was founded with the goal of making state level legislation more readily available to the professionals who need it, and even more importantly to the public at large. We are building products and websites to spark a renaissance in American politics, leveraging the internet to create the dialog so desperately needed amongst our elected officials, legislative professionals, and everyday citizens.

BillTrack50 is available for everyone to research state and federal legislation and legislators any time, for free. We believe there are lots of smart people with great ideas about the challenges facing the United States today. Our goal is to help them become informed about what their government is doing, and to connect with their representatives to offer their insights and knowledge where and when they are needed. Together we can build a country that works for everyone. Really, it's not hopeless, we can do it!

BillTrack50 also provides simple, elegant tools for tracking and sharing bills, as a subscription service. These tools are appropriate for professionals and organizations who need to keep on top of legislative developments, and keep others (and /or the public) informed about bills as they progress through the process. We are always happy to provide a free trial request.

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LegiNation was founded by Karen Suhaka in 2011.

Some of Our Customers:


Interview: How civic hackers find creative solutions to problems

Civic transparency groups in the United States have hacked together ways to make legislative information and public data simpler to understand and use.

August 31, 2015  -  Digital Journal


LegiNation, the creators of BillTrack50, an online Federal and State legislative and regulatory tracking service known for innovative sharing tools, has introduced a new, free legislative mapping feature especially designed for journalists and news organizations to instantly “map” legislation on topics across the United States.

August 28, 2015  -  BillTrack50

Save Time with Your Advocacy Initiatives

Bill Track 50 and Votility are integrated with a Single Sign On technology.

March 11, 2015  -  Votility

Energy Tech Mashup Answers Tough Questions From Executives In Energy

Over 150 Energy and Tech professionals attended the 4th quarterly Energy + Tech Mashup on February 3rd.

February 05, 2015  -  RAS

Useful websites to track state or federal legislation in 2015

As a small business person, it may be difficult to find the time to monitor upcoming legislation that could affect you or your business. A number of websites are available to make the task a little easier.

December 29, 2014  -  The Examiner

Legislative Information Wants To Be Free

At ALICE, we’re always excited to hear about ways that legislative data is being made more easily accessible. This is one area where information wants to be free -- and really ought to be free.

December 02, 2014  -  LPB Network

Importance of Legislative Tracking with Karen Suhaka, Founder of BillTrack50

ELGL is excited to announce a new partnership with BillTrack50. We interviewed founder Karen Suhaka to learn what we’re missing if our organization is not tracking federal and state legislation.

November 24, 2014  -  Emerging Local Government Leaders

Opening up democracy

It's a straightforward idea: There's loads of public information about what's going on in legislative action, and people need to have a simple way to track it, pull information together, and use it for their own decision making.

October 26, 2014  -  Small Fish Business Coaching

[Press Release] Bill Track 50 and Votility Announce Official Partnership

Today Votility is excited to announce our official partnership with BillTrack50, a legislation tracking website.

October 21, 2014  -  Votility

Denver Startup Week Online Activism Panel (video)

Short video highlighting examples from each panelist.

September 26, 2014  -  Vimeo

Online Activism Progress & New Paradigms

Online activism is often viewed as the classic middle class response to societal challenges. It is often criticized for not promoting actionable outcomes, just rhetoric or lots of signed petitions.

September 16, 2014  -  Denver Startup Week


State legislatures pass hundreds to thousands of bills each year, but do we know what happens in each of those bills passed? Often times, no. That’s why tracking your state government’s legislation is important. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but we’ve compiled a couple tips to make tracking your legislature that much easier.

March 01, 2014  -  Tea Party Command Center

Denver Challenge Cup Competitors Bring Real-World Solutions to Tough Industries

Last Thursday night, startups from the Denver area came to compete for the chance to travel to the final round of the Challenge Cup in Washington, D.C. They came from the world of education, energy, health and smart cities-and all were looking to disrupt markets with unique strategies. They put their best pitches on display, especially as judges reminded them that their "competitors from around the world" were watching them that night.

January 28, 2014  -  1776

Meet The Challenge Cup Denver's Hottest Showcasing Startups

Last week was the Challenge Cup Denver's Regional competition, held at Galvanize. Dozens of startups delivered their one-minute pitch on stage to a panel of judges, where one company from each category would emerge as the winner and move onto the final round.

January 20, 2014  -  Tech Cocktail

Track freedom-of-information bills on CFOIC's new legislature page

A new page on the website of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition lets you track bills in the state legislature that could affect the flow or availability of information in Colorado. We use BillTrack50, a subscription service and CFOIC member organization, to stay informed on proposals such as SB 14-034, Sen. Bernie Herpin's bill to strengthen the journalist shield law in Colorado.

January 13, 2014  -  Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition

Resources for tracking current federal and state legislation

Almost everyone interested in public policy finds themselves tracking federal or state legislation on specific topic or a particular bill. A number of excellent resources are available to do this and several of these are free or low-cost!

December 09, 2013  -  Green Heron

DSW Panel Talks Colorado Open Data, Sees Opportunities, Challenges

Hackers, developers, and public servants came together during Denver Startup Week to discuss improvements that have been made, as well as challenges that exist, when it comes to Colorado's publicly available data. The issues are at the core of broader trends in "big data", open government, and finding new ways to help startups use the resources of government to build businesses while helping citizens.

September 20, 2013  -  Xconomy

Legislation Tracking and What Karen Suhaka Has Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur

Despite having founded a total of six companies, Karen Suhaka isn't afraid to admit that she's persistently learning how to run a business. For the serial entrepreneur and founder of LegiNation (the company behind BillTrack50), learning along the way has been a crucial experience that has helped to mold the companies she’s operated as well as to mold herself as an entrepreneur.

September 17, 2013  -  Tech Cocktail

Business Alchemy: Turning Vast Quantities of Free Government Data into Entrepreneurial Gold

So far this year, state and federal legislators have logged more than 133,000 bills. Of those, about 20,000 have been passed into law. Some of these may impact you or your business, but who has the time to go through all of those bills?

September 09, 2013  -  B.Unconventional

Denver Set to Launch 1 Million Cups to Educate, Connect Local Entrepreneurs

1 Million Cups: a program to educate and connect entrepreneurs, is set to launch in downtown Denver next Wednesday, June 12th. The Mile High City is the newest city - and the eighth nationwide - to host the weekly gathering that is building startup communities over cups of coffee and conversation across the country.

June 12, 2013  -  BillTrack 50

Easily Monitor Legislation in Process through BillTrack50

At CTA, we monitor legislation relevant to Colorado's technology industry. To make it easy for members to track what's happening, we've partnered with Legination to use a tool called BillTrack50 (created by Colorado entrepreneur Karen Suhaka!).

March 05, 2013  -  Colorado Technology Association

BillTrack50 wants to make it easier to search, engage with legislation

Give us the BillTrack50 elevator pitch. BillTrack50 provides convenient and user-friendly 50-state legislative data to both citizens and those with a professional interest.

February 20, 2013  -  govfresh

Keep an eye on Congress with BillTrack50

While the rest of us go about our business, Congress is making decisions and voting on bills that could change our lives and the lives of our businesses. BillTrack50 wants to open up that world to public view.

December 30, 2012  -  Tech Cocktail