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  • NJ A1468
  • Requires institutions of higher education to inquire about student's marital and parental status.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires public or independent institutions of higher education to inquire about a student's family status before the fall and spring semesters of each academic year at the time that a student registers for courses for those semesters. The data collected would include the student's marital status, whether the student has children, and if the student is the custodial parent of those children. Providing the institution with the information will be optional on the part of the student. Under the bill, an institution will submit the student information to the Secretary of Higher Education, along with information concerning any programs and services offered by the institution designed to serve this specific student population. The secretary will compile this information and issue a report within 18 months of the bill's effective date. The report will be posted on the secretary's website for public inspection and must, at a minimum, include: · the size and demographics of the designated student population currently enrolled in the institutions of higher education; · a list of the programs and services currently offered by the institutions for this student population; and · a list of any recommended best practices to better serve this student population.
Women and Children
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Women and Children Committee  (on 1/27/2016)
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1/27/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Women and Children Committee
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