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  • NJ A2078
  • Establishes Rail Passenger Bill of Rights and authorizes Division of Consumer Affairs to enforce provisions.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill establishes a Rail Passenger Bill of Rights. Under the bill, a person on a passenger train operating on a regularly scheduled route in this State, or between points in this State and points in other states, would have the right to: reliable and on-time transportation; accurate and timely information about train arrival times and service delays; helpful, courteous service from the operator's employees; and safe, comfortable, and clean trains and train stations. Under the bill's provisions, the passenger train operator would be required to provide its customers with: (1) trains operated according to a published schedule; (2) a sufficient number of trains to accommodate every customer who purchases a ticket; (3) clear audio or visual announcements about train arrival and departure times, service delays, and weather-related service implications at train stations, on its website, and using other electronic forms of communication; (4) the opportunity to receive automatically generated electronic mail or text messages concerning service delays of more than 15 minutes; (5) alternate transportation and information about alternate routes when service is significantly disrupted; (6) trains which: are heated or cooled, as appropriate; have functional lighting and public address systems; and have clean restrooms; (7) train stations which are safe, clean, well-lit, accessible to customers with disabilities, and not overcrowded; (8) employees who: are well-trained and familiar with the operator's routes, services, and policies; courteous and responsive to customer questions and complaints; do not smoke, use cellular telephones, or engage in other behaviors which could endanger the health or safety of passengers while interacting with customers; (9) clear and conspicuous notice of consumer complaint contact information; and (10) adequate notice and sufficient opportunity for feedback regarding any increase in fares or any discontinuation of diminishment of service. The Office of Consumer Protection in the Division of Consumer Affairs is authorized to initiate, investigate, attempt to resolve, and if necessary, refer to the Attorney General any matter or complaint received. The Attorney General, or any other person, may bring an action before the Superior Court to impose a civil penalty not exceeding $1,000.
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Introduced, Referred to Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee  (on 1/27/2016)
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1/27/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee
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