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  • NJ A1410
  • Establishes Office of State Dental Director and New Jersey Oral Health Commission.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill establishes the Office of the State Dental Director. The State Dental Director will be appointed by the Governor in consultation with the New Jersey Dental Association, and will be a licensed dentist or dental hygienist who has practiced in New Jersey for at least 10 years. The State Dental Director will be responsible for developing and facilitating model public and private partnerships for oral health awareness campaigns to improve the access, acceptability, and use of oral health services in this State. The director will additionally serve as an information and resource center for specific oral health information and data concerning oral health, and will disseminate such data to interested parties. In consultation with the Commissioner of Health, the director is to review, recommend, and develop appropriate oral health education materials and disseminate the materials to local school districts throughout the State. In collaboration with appropriate State agencies and private organizations, the director is to assist in developing programs in Head Start programs and elementary and secondary schools that stress good nutrition, sound oral hygiene, healthy lifestyles, and the prevention of oral disease. The director will serve as an advocate for the adoption and implementation of effective measures to improve oral health and eliminate disparities among the various racial and ethnic populations of this State concerning access to high-quality oral health care, utilization of oral health care services, and oral health status. The director will develop recommendations for the most effective means of providing community outreach to ensure maximum participation in publicly-funded oral health programs, evaluate oral health programs in other states to assess their efficacy and potential for replication in this State, and make recommendations regarding the adoption of such programs. The director will be in charge of all dental health activities and programs that are in or overseen by the Department of Health, and the director or a designee will serve as an additional, ex officio member of the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry. The director may apply for and accept any grant of money from the federal government, private foundations, or other sources, which may be available for programs related to oral health. Additionally, the bill establishes the New Jersey Oral Health Commission in the Department of Health. The commission will be required to develop and promote recommendations for policies, events, and awareness campaigns to improve the condition of oral health in this State. The commission will comprise 15 members, including the State Dental Director, who will serve as chairperson of the commission; the Commissioners of Banking and Insurance, Children and Families, Education, and Human Services, or their designees, who shall serve ex officio; and 10 public members, to be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendations of groups representing various aspects of the health care and dental care industry. The public members will serve for a term of five years, except that, of the 10 public members first appointed, the first three members appointed will serve for a term of three years, the second three members appointed will serve for a term of four years, and the next four members appointed will serve for a term of five years. A public member is eligible to be reappointed to the commission, and vacancies will be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. Members of the commission will serve without compensation, but will be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. The commission will meet at least twice per calendar year, and at such other times as the chairperson designates. The Department of Health will provide staff services and other necessary support to the commission. The director is to report annually to the Governor and the Legislature on the work of the director and the commission and on the status of oral health in the State.
Health and Senior Services
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee  (on 1/27/2016)
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1/27/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee
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