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  • NJ A1942
  • Establishes strategic road salt reserve fund and strategic road salt reserve within DOT.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill establishes a New Jersey Strategic Road Salt Reserve (reserve) in the Department of Transportation (department) and New Jersey Strategic Road Salt Fund (fund) in the General Fund. The reserve will consist of three road salt storage facilities to be located in the northern, central, and southern portions of the State. The reserve will be a supply of road salt available for purchase by counties and municipalities that have exhausted their own supplies of road salt during the winter and are unable to reasonably access a replacement supply. The amount charged by the department for road salt from the reserve will be based on the department's actual costs to operate the reserve. Monies from the fund will annually be appropriated to the department for the cost of administering the reserve. The annual purchase of road salt for the reserve will be determined by the Commissioner of Transportation in consultation with the Director of the State Office of Emergency management. Monies in the fund would consist of legislative appropriations and revenues from the sale of road salt reserves to counties and municipalities. The purpose of the reserve is to preserve public roadway safety by providing a safety net for local governments who must ration or eliminate salt spreading due to Statewide and regional shortages.
Transportation and Independent Authorities
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee  (on 1/27/2016)
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1/27/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee
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