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  • NJ A614
  • Establishes NJ STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Program in DOLWD.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill will dedicate workforce development funds for a New Jersey STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Program in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The program will be designed by the department in consultation with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the Secretary of Higher Education. The program will provide no less than 20 fellowships, administered by the department, which focus on supporting entrepreneurs in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The fellowships may be provided to individuals who have proven to the department that they have an idea to create, advance or develop a product in the STEM field which will have a beneficial impact on society and which will result in a self-sustaining business in the future. Priority will be given to fellowships which are submitted with the support of an incubator supported by the State of New Jersey or any of its public entities. The bill requires the department to establish an evaluation of the fellowship program five years after enactment of the bill to determine the effectiveness of the program.
Reported and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee  (on 6/15/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
6/15/2017 A Reported and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
6/15/2017 Assembly Labor Hearing (19:00 6/15/2017 )
1/27/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Labor Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 6/15/2017 Assembly Labor Committee: Reported Favorably 7 1 1