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  • NJ A2483
  • Makes it a crime of the third degree to practice psychology without a license and prohibits certain unlicensed employees of certain entities from using title of psychologist.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill provides that a person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if the person knowingly does not possess a license to practice psychology or knowingly has had such license suspended, revoked or otherwise limited by an order entered by the State Board of Psychological Examiners, and he: -- engages in the practice of psychology; -- exceeds the scope of practice permitted by the board order; -- holds himself out to the public or any person as being eligible to engage in the practice of psychology; -- engages in any activity for which a license to practice psychology is a necessary prerequisite; or -- practices psychology under a false or assumed name or falsely impersonates another person licensed by the board. The bill specifies that a person would not be considered to be practicing psychology without a license if that person's activities are permitted under N.J.S.A.45:14B-6. N.J.S.A.45:14B-1 et seq., which governs the professional licensing of psychologists in this State, provides certain exceptions from the requirement for State licensure. Specifically, N.J.S.A.45:14B-6(a) provides that an individual who is not a licensed practicing psychologist shall not be limited in his activities as part of his duties as an employee of: -- an accredited academic institution, a federal, State, county or local governmental institution or agency, or a research facility; -- a business organization if the purposes of the organization do not include the offer to practice or the practice of psychology; and -- a nonprofit, bona fide community agency (as determined by the State Board of Psychological Examiners). In order to ensure that members of the public and persons receiving services from an exempt academic, governmental, business, or nonprofit community entity are not mislead by the professional job title of an individual who is providing psychological services at the entity but who is exempt from the licensure requirement, the bill amends N.J.S.A.45:14B-6 to clarify that if an individual performing some of the activities of a psychologist is exempt from the licensure requirement, the individual shall not use the title "psychologist" or represent himself to be a licensed practicing psychologist. Currently, the unlicensed practice of medicine, podiatry and dentistry is a crime of the third degree (punishable by a term of three to five years or a fine of up to $15,000, or both). The provisions of this bill would extend this penalty to include the unlicensed practice of psychology. The bill also adds the profession of "psychoanalyst" to the list of professional groups who may perform work of a psychological nature, consistent with the accepted standards of their respective professions, as long as they do not hold themselves out to the public by any title implying that they are psychologists or are licensed to practice psychology. Finally, the bill directs the State Department of Personnel to revise any current State or local government job titles that use or contain the term "psychologist," which may be in conflict the requirements of the bill.
Health and Senior Services
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee  (on 2/4/2016)
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2/4/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee
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