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  • NJ A2352
  • Requires Commissioner of Education to include data on chronic absenteeism and disciplinary suspensions on School Report Card and requires public schools to make certain efforts to combat chronic absenteeism.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires that, in the event that 10 percent or more of the students enrolled in a public school are chronically absent, the school must convene a Chronic Absenteeism Coalition. The coalition must include at least one parent and one teacher from the school community, and such other members as deemed appropriate by the principal. The purpose of the coalition will be to regularly review and monitor school chronic absenteeism and develop a corrective action plan to improve absenteeism rates. The coalition must annually present its findings and recommendations to the board of education until the percentage of the student body that is chronically absent falls below 10 percent. The bill also requires the Commissioner of Education to include on School Report Cards data on the number and percentage of students who were chronically absent and the number and percentage of students who received a disciplinary suspension. The commissioner must annually review the chronic absenteeism rates of each school and school district and report on the rates to the State Board of Education. As used in the bill, "chronically absent" means a student's attendance record includes a total number of absences, including excused absences, unexcused absences, and absences due to disciplinary actions, that meets or exceeds 10 percent of the total number of school days in the school year, or in the case of a student who enrolls in the school after the beginning of the school year, 10 percent of the total number of school days from the date of enrollment until the end of the school year. The calculation of "chronically absent" does not include absences due to a student's ongoing illness, medical, psychiatric, or other disability, provided that a physician or other medical professional provides written documentation confirming that the student's condition requires absences beyond the number of days permitted by the school district's policy. The bill also stipulates that in the case of a county vocational school district, the calculation of "chronically absent" will not include students who are enrolled in the county vocational district on a shared-time basis.
Education, 2nd Reading in the Assembly, Substituted by another Bill
Substituted by S447 (1R)  (on 1/8/2018)
Date Chamber Action Description
1/8/2018 A Substituted by S447 (1R)
12/18/2017 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (19:00 12/18/2017 The following bills are pending referral: A1273, A1778, A3168, A)
12/18/2017 A Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
12/4/2017 Assembly Education Hearing (19:00 12/4/2017 A-5204 {Caride} [pending intro/referral] Requires Commissioner o)
12/4/2017 A Reported out of Asm. Comm. with Amendments, and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
2/13/2017 Assembly Education Hearing (19:00 2/13/2017 )
2/4/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee
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Detail 12/18/2017 Assembly Appropriations Committee: Reported Favorably 11 0 0
Detail 12/4/2017 Assembly Education Committee: Reported with Amendments 10 0 1