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  • NJ A2771
  • Establishes asset forfeiture reporting requirements.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires a county prosecutor to compile and submit to the Attorney General information concerning asset forfeiture pursuant to N.J.S.2C:64-1 et seq., N.J.S.2C:41-1 et seq., or P.L.1994, c.121 (C.2C:21-3 et seq.). Specifically, these reports are to include information concerning the seizure of property, the disposition of any criminal action related to the seizure, information concerning the forfeiture of property, the final disposition of the seized property, the value of property seized and forfeited, whether the forfeiture resulted in an adoptive seizure, and any other information required by the Attorney General. The bill also requires a county prosecutor to report information about the amount of forfeiture funds received or the value of forfeited property received through equitable sharing with a federal department or other law enforcement agency. The bill requires a county prosecutor to compile and submit to the Attorney General information concerning the law enforcement purpose for which forfeiture funds and forfeited property are used. Forfeiture accounts may be used by a county prosecutor to pay the costs associated with submitting the asset forfeiture reports. Under the provisions of the bill, the Attorney General is required to: (1) develop an asset forfeiture form to be completed by a county prosecutor, (2) compile these reports, and (3) submit an annual report to the Legislature including a list of county prosecutors that failed to comply with the reporting requirement. The Attorney General is also required to provide recommendations for improving asset forfeiture proceedings. Additionally, the county prosecutors' reports and the Attorney General's annual report are to be made publically available on the Attorney General's website.
2nd Reading in the Assembly, Law and Public Safety, Substituted by another Bill
Substituted by S2267 (1R)  (on 12/19/2016)
Date Chamber Action Description
12/19/2016 A Substituted by S2267 (1R)
10/27/2016 A Reported out of Assembly Comm. with Amendments, 2nd Reading
10/27/2016 Assembly Law and Public Safety Hearing (14:00 10/27/2016 Committee Room 13, 4th Floor)
2/8/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 10/27/2016 Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee: Reported with Amendments 9 0 0