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  • NJ A2572
  • Provides for implementation of full-day preschool programs in additional school districts; appropriates $110,000,000 from Property Tax Relief Fund to DOE.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
Under the provisions of the "School Funding Reform Act of 2008" (SFRA), P.L.2007, c.260 (C.18A:7F-43 et al.), school districts classified in District Factor Groups (DFG) A or B, or districts classified in DFG CD having a concentration of at-risk students of at least 40 percent, were required to begin offering access to full-day preschool for all three- and four-year old children residing in the district. However, State funding has not been provided to allow for this expansion, and currently, only 35 school districts offer such preschool access. This bill provides for the expansion of full-day preschool programs for three- and four-year olds in additional communities. Any school district that was required to provide universal access to full-day preschool under the SFRA would be required to submit to the Commissioner of Education, within two years of the bill's effective date, a five-year plan for the full implementation of a full-day preschool program. The commissioner may accept, review, and approve a plan submitted at any point following the bill's effective date, and a school district would be authorized to begin implementation in the first full school year beginning after receiving the commissioner's approval. A school district that provides access to full-day preschool under this bill would receive preschool education aid as calculated pursuant to the SFRA. The commissioner would reduce a district's allotment of preschool education aid by the amount of any federal funding that the district received for the purpose of operating a preschool program. The bill appropriates $110 million for the purpose of effectuating the bill's provisions. Any funding that is not expended at the end of the fiscal year would carry forward to the subsequent fiscal years to be used for the same purpose.
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee  (on 2/8/2016)
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2/8/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee
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