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  • NJ A3265
  • Creates the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill creates the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council to convene and enable industry-led, private-public partnerships focused on engaging New Jersey institutions of higher education in manufacturing innovation. Traditional manufacturing has been on the decline in New Jersey since the 1960s, but advanced manufacturing is an emerging industry that is primarily composed of four groups: chemical manufacturing, computer and electronic product manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing. The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology defines advanced manufacturing as a "family of activities that (a) depend on the use and coordination of information, automation, computation, software, sensing, and networking, and/or (b) make use of cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities enabled by the physical and biological sciences, for example nanotechnology, chemistry, and biology. It involves both new ways to manufacture existing products, and the manufacture of new products emerging from new advanced technologies." New Jersey's advanced manufacturing industry is already part of the economic recovery of New Jersey, contributing more than $17 billion to New Jersey's Gross Domestic Product in 2009, or about 3.6 percent of all State output, according to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The council will act as a conduit to assist in developing a workforce in New Jersey that is trained in the high technology industry sectors needed by advanced manufacturers. This will provide a stable workforce for the manufacturers and will assist this vital industry in New Jersey to grow and prosper.
2nd Reading in the Assembly, Commerce and Economic Development
Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading  (on 6/1/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
6/1/2017 A Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
6/1/2017 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (19:00 6/1/2017 A-4496 and S-2834 (1R) are both pending referral.)
12/5/2016 A Reported out of Asm. Comm. with Amendments, and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
12/5/2016 Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Hearing (13:00 12/5/2016 Committee Room 16, 4th Floor)
2/22/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 6/1/2017 Assembly Appropriations Committee: Reported Favorably 9 0 2
Detail 12/5/2016 Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee: Reported with Amendments 9 0 3