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  • NJ A3744
  • Establishes law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery referral programs.*
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires the Director of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services in the Department of Human Services to provide for the establishment of law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs in law enforcement departments throughout the State. The nation's overdose deaths related to heroin and opioid addiction have increased dramatically in recent years, and in New Jersey, the overdose death rate is currently three times the national rate. In an effort to increase access to treatment for heroin and opioid addiction, certain law enforcement departments in New Jersey and in other jurisdictions have worked with community professionals and volunteers to provide additional support to those who need it. This bill provides for the establishment of these law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs in law enforcement departments throughout the State. Under the bill, the director, in consultation with the Attorney General, is required to prescribe by regulation requirements for county and municipal law enforcement departments to establish or authorize the operation of a program within their departments; develop and implement guidelines for the recruitment and training of law enforcement officers, volunteers, and treatment providers to participate in the program; support and facilitate the linkage of law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs to facilities and programs that provide appropriate substance abuse recovery services and health care services; coordinate with law enforcement officials and program volunteers to ensure that individuals seeking to participate in the program are treated with respect, care, and compassion, and are reassured that assistance will be provided; establish requirements for an individual to be eligible for participation in the program; and develop and implement procedures for determining eligibility requirements for the program. All law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs are required to comply with the requirements set forth under the bill. These requirements are similar to requirements associated with programs that have been established in Massachusetts, as well as in Newton and New Brunswick, New Jersey. By increasing access to treatment without fear of arrest or law enforcement action, these law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery programs have helped a number of people suffering from substance abuse obtain the treatment they need.
Judiciary, 2nd Reading in Assembly to Concur with Gov Recommendations, 2nd Reading in the Assembly, 2nd Reading in the Senate to Concur with Gov/Recommendations, Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed by the Governor, Law and Public Safety, Passed Assembly, Passed both Houses
Approved P.L.2016, c.58.  (on 10/26/2016)
Date Chamber Action Description
10/26/2016 S Approved P.L.2016, c.58.
10/20/2016 S Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (38-0)
9/26/2016 S Received in the Senate, 2nd Reading - Concur. w/Gov's Recom.
9/15/2016 A Passed by the Assembly (76-0-0)
9/8/2016 A 2nd Reading in the Assembly on Concur. w/Gov.'s Recommend.
9/8/2016 A First Reading/Governor Recommendations Only
9/8/2016 A Conditional Veto, Received in the Assembly
6/30/2016 S Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (36-2)
6/30/2016 S Substituted for S2330
6/30/2016 S Received in the Senate without Reference, 2nd Reading
6/27/2016 A Passed by the Assembly (72-2-4)
6/6/2016 A Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
6/6/2016 Assembly Judiciary Hearing (10:00 6/6/2016 Committee Room 12, 4th Floor)
6/2/2016 A Transferred to Assembly Judiciary Committee
5/19/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 10/20/2016 Senate Floor: Concur Governor Recommendations 38 0 2
Detail 9/15/2016 Assembly Floor: Concur Governor Recommendations 76 0 4
Detail 6/30/2016 Senate Floor: Substitute For S2330 (Voice Vote) 0 0 0
Detail 6/30/2016 Senate Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 36 2 2
Detail 6/27/2016 Assembly Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 72 2 6
Detail 6/6/2016 Assembly Judiciary Committee: Reported Favorably 7 0 0