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  • NJ A3717
  • Establishes Women's Vocational Training Pilot Program to promote economic self-sufficiency of low-income women through increased participation in high-wage, high-demand occupations; authorizes allocation of certain funds therefor.*
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill establishes in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development the Women's Vocational Training Pilot Program, which shall be developed by the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development and implemented through current department programs. The purpose of the program is to improve employability of women through education and training to help them and their families become financially empowered and economically self-sufficient. Pursuant to the bill, the program will provide women with education, training, and support for success in the workforce, specifically in nontraditional occupations in which women comprise 25 percent or less of total employment. The bill requires the commissioner to consult with the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations' Center for Women and Work to identify and recruit appropriate and qualified persons to develop and implement the program. The bill provides that the program shall: (1) target women with family incomes below the local self-sufficiency standard, when available, or women in families with income of less than 200 percent of the poverty threshold; (2) recruit low-income women for careers in nontraditional occupations and provide career guidance and counseling; (3) conduct individual assessments and employment counseling; (4) assist low-income women to access programs leading to a degree, industry recognized certificate or credential, and apprenticeship programs; (5) conduct education and pre-apprenticeship and pre-employment skill development activities; (6) develop or obtain curricula, handbooks, tools and equipment; (7) engage in necessary activities for the recruitment, preparation, placement, and retention of participants in registered apprenticeships, postsecondary training programs, and permanent employment; (8) provide access to pre- and post-placement supportive services such as child care, transportation, tools, application fees, dues, needs-based payments or stipends, and mentorships; (9) develop incentives for employers and sponsors of registered apprenticeship program to retain women in nontraditional occupations for more than six months; (10) provide technical assistance to employers on how to create a safe and healthy workplace environment designed to retain and advance women; (11) provide post-placement assistance to participants in order to promote employment retention; and (12) develop and collect data to track women by race, ethnicity, and age throughout the process and establish benchmarks. The bill authorizes the commissioner to appropriate for the Women's Vocational Training Pilot Program any sums as may be necessary to effectuate the purposes of the program from the Workforce Development Partnership Fund. The bill provides that the commissioner shall annually submit to the Governor and to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the General Assembly a report detailing the progress and results of the pilot program and any recommendations on whether the program should be continued. The bill also provides the pilot program expires after submission of the fifth annual report, but may be extended beyond its expiration based on the recommendation of the commissioner.
2nd Reading in the Assembly, Labor, Substituted by another Bill
Substituted by S2403 (1R)  (on 6/22/2017)
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6/22/2017 A Substituted by S2403 (1R)
6/19/2017 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (19:00 6/19/2017 Revised 6/16/17 - A2167 and A4586 have been added. In addition t)
6/19/2017 A Reported out of Assembly Comm. with Amendments, 2nd Reading
6/19/2017 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (19:00 6/19/2017 )
6/6/2016 A Reported and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
6/6/2016 Assembly Labor Hearing (10:00 6/6/2016 Committee Room 15, Fourth Floor)
5/19/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Labor Committee
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