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  • NJ S2321
  • Concerns excessive price increases during state of emergency.
In Committee
Crossed Over
2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill amends existing statutory language regarding price-gouging during a state of emergency by specifying that the period during which excessive price increases are prohibited will be in 10 day intervals following the declaration of a state of emergency. Current law prohibits excessive price increases during a state of emergency or within 30 days of the termination of that state of emergency in the area for which the state of emergency has been declared. This bill stipulates that excessive price increases will be prohibited during a state of emergency or 10 days following the declaration of a state of emergency, unless the Governor extends the prohibition for periods of time up to 10 days in duration.
Commerce, 2nd Reading in the Assembly, 2nd Reading in the Senate, Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed by the Governor, Passed both Houses
Approved P.L.2017, c.9.  (on 2/6/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
2/6/2017 A Approved P.L.2017, c.9.
12/19/2016 A Passed Assembly (Passed Both Houses) (77-0-0)
12/19/2016 A Substituted for A3774 (1R)
12/15/2016 A Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
12/15/2016 A Transferred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
12/15/2016 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (13:00 12/15/2016 Committee Room 11, 4th Floor)
11/14/2016 A Received in the Assembly, Referred to Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee
11/14/2016 S Passed by the Senate (36-0)
10/20/2016 S Senate Amendment (35-0) (Oroho)
9/15/2016 S Senate Amendment (25-0) (Oroho)
9/8/2016 S Reported from Senate Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading
9/8/2016 Senate Commerce Hearing (13:00 9/8/2016 Committee Room 6, First Floor)
6/6/2016 S Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Commerce Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 12/19/2016 Assembly Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 77 0 3
Detail 12/19/2016 Assembly Floor: Substitute For A3774 Aca (Voice Vote) 0 0 0
Detail 12/15/2016 Assembly Appropriations Committee: Reported Favorably 9 0 2
Detail 11/14/2016 Senate Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 36 0 4
Detail 9/15/2016 Senate Floor: Second Reading (Voice Vote) 0 0 0
Detail 9/15/2016 Senate Floor: Amend 25 0 15
Detail 9/8/2016 Senate Commerce Committee: Reported with Amendments 6 0 0