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  • NJ S2398
  • Requires school district to adopt policy allowing students in grades 9 through 12 who participate in certain interscholastic extracurricular activities to earn varsity letter.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires a school district that includes any of the grades 9 through 12 to adopt a policy to provide that a student enrolled in those grades who participates in any school-sponsored, interscholastic extracurricular activity that includes competitions in which the student competes against students enrolled in schools outside of the district may be eligible to earn a varsity letter awarded by the district. There is a long history of high schools awarding varsity letters to students who participate in "traditional" sports programs. This bill allows students who participate in other forms of competition against students in schools outside of their district to also earn varsity letters.
Education, 2nd Reading in the Assembly, 2nd Reading in the Senate, Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed by the Governor, Passed both Houses, Passed Senate
Approved P.L.2017, c.62.  (on 5/8/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/8/2017 A Approved P.L.2017, c.62.
3/23/2017 A Passed Assembly (Passed Both Houses) (68-4-2)
3/23/2017 A Substituted for A3879 (1R)
2/15/2017 A Received in the Assembly without Reference, 2nd Reading
2/13/2017 S Passed by the Senate (26-8)
1/23/2017 S Reported from Senate Committee with Amendments, 2nd Reading
1/12/2017 Senate Education Hearing (10:00 1/12/2017 Committee Room 6, 1st Floor)
6/23/2016 S Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Education Committee
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 3/23/2017 Assembly Floor: Substitute For A3879 Aca (Voice Vote) 0 0 0
Detail 3/23/2017 Assembly Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 68 4 8
Detail 2/13/2017 Senate Floor: Third Reading - Final Passage 26 8 6
Detail 1/12/2017 Senate Education Committee: Reported with Amendments 3 1 1