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  • NJ A4244
  • Requires DCF and DHS to study predatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires the Departments of Children and Families and Human Services to conduct a joint study and make recommendations concerning predatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens. As used in the bill, "predatory alienation" means a person's extreme undue influence on, or coercive persuasion or psychologically damaging manipulation of, another person that results in physical or emotional harm or the loss of financial assets, disrupts a parent-child relationship, leads to a deceptive or exploitative relationship, or isolates the person from family and friends. The study would examine: how online predators, human traffickers, con artists, gangs, cults, and other groups use predatory alienation to isolate young adults and senior citizens from their family and friends; the grooming practices used to target and control young adults; the high pressure tactics used in scams and exploitative relationships to manipulate, control, and take advantage of senior citizens; why young adults and senior citizens are vulnerable to predatory alienation; what young adults and senior citizens can do to protect themselves from predatory alienation; and any other information relative to the subject matter of the study. A report on the joint study's findings and recommendations would be submitted to the Governor and the Legislature within six months of the effective date of the bill.
2nd Reading in the Assembly, Human Services, Substituted by another Bill
Substituted by S2562  (on 3/23/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
3/23/2017 A Substituted by S2562
3/20/2017 A Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
3/20/2017 Assembly Human Services Hearing (19:00 3/20/2017 )
10/13/2016 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee
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Detail 3/20/2017 Assembly Human Services Committee: Reported Favorably 6 0 0