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  • FL H0139
  • Local Tax Referenda
In Committee
Crossed Over
Veto Overridden
2017 Regular Session
Requires local government discretionary sales surtax referenda to be held on the date of a primary or general election and requires a specified percentage of votes for passage; requires notice of intent to levy certain local government discretionary sales surtaxes; prohibits certain entities for a specified period from increasing taxes that were reduced at the time a discretionary sales surtax was levied.
Not specified
Died in Ethics and Elections  (on 5/5/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/5/2017 S Died in Ethics and Elections
5/5/2017 S Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
4/26/2017 S Received
4/26/2017 S Referred to Ethics and Elections; Community Affairs; Appropriations
4/26/2017 S In Messages
4/26/2017 H CS passed; YEAS 93 NAYS 23
4/26/2017 H Read 3rd time
4/25/2017 H Placed on 3rd reading
4/25/2017 H Read 2nd time
4/20/2017 H CS/CS by Government Accountability Committee read 1st time
4/20/2017 H Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/25/17
4/20/2017 H Placed on Calendar
4/20/2017 H Pending review of CS -under Rule 7.18(c)
4/19/2017 H CS/CS by- Government Accountability Committee; YEAS 20 NAYS 0
4/19/2017 House Government Accountability Committee Hearing (08:00 4/19/2017 Morris Hall)
4/17/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Government Accountability Committee, 04/19/17, 8:00 am, Morris Hall
4/7/2017 H Now in Government Accountability Committee
4/6/2017 H CS by Ways and Means Committee read 1st time
4/6/2017 H Pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c)
4/5/2017 H CS by Ways and Means Committee; YEAS 15 NAYS 2
4/5/2017 House Ways and Means Committee Hearing (09:00 4/5/2017 Morris Hall)
4/4/2017 UK No Senate Action
4/3/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Ways and Means Committee, 04/05/17, 9:00 am, Morris Hall
3/7/2017 H Bill is introduced or prefiled
1/25/2017 H Now in Ways and Means Committee
1/25/2017 H Favorable by Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee; YEAS 15 NAYS 0
1/25/2017 House Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Hearing (09:00 1/25/2017 12 HOB)
1/18/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, 01/25/17, 9:00 am, 12 HOB
1/11/2017 H Referred to Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee; Ways and Means Committee; Government Accountability Committee
12/29/2016 H Filed
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 4/26/2017 House: Third Reading RCS#238 93 23 4