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  • FL H0631
  • Groveland Four
In Committee
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2017 Regular Session
Acknowledges grave injustices perpetrated against Charles Greenlee, Walter Irvin, Samuel Shepherd, & Ernest Thomas, aka "Groveland Four," apologizes to them & their families, & urges Governor & Cabinet to perform expedited clemency review of their cases & grant full pardons.
Not specified
Bobby DuBose (D)*, Jason Fischer (R)*, Joe Abruzzo (D), Larry Ahern (R), Ben Albritton (R), Ramon Alexander (D), Thad Altman (R), Bruce Antone (D), Robert Asencio (D), Loranne Ausley (D), Bryan Avila (R), Daisy Baez (D), Lori Berman (D), Halsey Beshears (R), Michael Bileca (R), Jim Boyd (R), Jason Brodeur (R), Kamia Brown (D), Danny Burgess Jr. (R), Colleen Burton (R), Cord Byrd (R), Matt Caldwell (R), Chuck Clemons Sr. (R), Neil Combee (R), Richard Corcoran (R), John Cortes (D), Bob Cortes (R), Janet Cruz (D), Travis Cummings (R), Kimberly Daniels (D), Tracie Davis (D), Ben Diamond (D), Jose Diaz (R), Manny Diaz (R), Manny Diaz Jr. (R), Byron Donalds (R), Brad Drake (R), Nick Duran (D), Dane Eagle (R), Katie Edwards (D), Eric Eisnaugle (R), Jay Fant III (R), Randy Fine (R), Heather Fitzenhagen (R), Joe Geller (D), Julio Gonzalez (R), Tom Goodson (R), Erin Grall (R), J.W. Grant (R), Mike Grant (R), Joe Gruters (R), Bill Hager (R), Don Hahnfeldt (R), Roy Hardemon (D), Gayle Harrell (R), Shawn Harrison (R), Patricia Williams (D), Patrick Henry (D), Blaise Ingoglia (R), Clay Ingram (R), Kristin Jacobs (D), Al Jacquet (D), Evan Jenne (D), Shev Jones (D), Sam Killebrew (R), Mike La Rosa (R), Chris Latvala (R), Larry Lee Jr. (D), Tom Leek (R), M.L. Magar (R), Amber Mariano (R), Ralph Massullo Jr. (R), Stanley McClain Jr. (R), Kionne McGhee (D), Amy Mercado (D), Larry Metz (R), Alex Miller (R), Mike Miller (R), George Moraitis Jr. (R), Jared Moskowitz (D), Newt Newton Sr. (D), Jeanette Nunez (R), Jose Oliva (R), Bobby Payne (R), Kathleen Peters (R), Cary Pigman (R), Scott Plakon (R), Coach P Plasencia (R), Mel Ponder (R), Liz Porter (R), Sharon Pritchett (D), Jake Raburn (R), Holly Raschein (R), Dan Raulerson (R), Paul Renner (R), David Richardson (D), Ray Rodrigues (R), Bob Rommel (R), Rick Roth (R), Barry Russell (D), David Santiago (R), Sean Shaw (D), David Silvers (D), Emily Slosberg (D), Carlos Smith (D), Ross Spano (R), Chris Sprowls (R), Cynthia Stafford (D), Rick Stark (D), Cyndi Stevenson (R), Charlie Stone (R), Jenny Sullivan (R), Jackie Toledo (R), Jay Trumbull Jr. (R), Barbara Watson (D), Clovis Watson Jr. (D), Frank White (R), Matt Willhite (D), Jayer Williamson (R), Clay Yarborough (R)
Signed by Officers and filed with Secretary of State  (on 5/8/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/8/2017 Signed by Officers and filed with Secretary of State
4/27/2017 H Ordered enrolled
4/27/2017 S CS adopted
4/27/2017 S Read 2nd time
4/27/2017 S Substituted for CS/SCR 920
4/27/2017 S Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
4/27/2017 S Withdrawn from Criminal Justice; Judiciary; Rules
4/19/2017 S Received
4/19/2017 S Referred to Criminal Justice; Judiciary; Rules
4/18/2017 S In Messages
4/18/2017 H CS adopted
4/18/2017 H Read 2nd time
4/13/2017 H Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/18/17
4/11/2017 H Referred to- Calendar
4/11/2017 H Original reference(s) removed: Rules and Policy Committee
4/7/2017 H CS by Judiciary Committee read 1st time
4/7/2017 H Pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c)
4/6/2017 H CS by Judiciary Committee; YEAS 16 NAYS 0
4/6/2017 House Judiciary Committee Hearing (08:00 4/6/2017 Sumner Hall)
4/4/2017 H PCS on Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 04/06/17, 8:00 am, Sumner Hall
3/7/2017 H Bill is introduced or prefiled
2/15/2017 H Referred to Judiciary Committee; Rules and Policy Committee
2/3/2017 H Filed
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 4/18/2017 House: Third Reading RCS#136 117 0 3