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  • FL H0681
  • Unclaimed Funds Held by the Clerks of Court
In Committee
Crossed Over
2017 Regular Session
Repeals provisions relating to deposit of certain unclaimed funds with CFO to credit of State School Fund; revises time period for certain persons to file claims for unclaimed surplus funds; requires clerk to report certain unclaimed property as surplus; specifies procedures for clerk to use in handling surpluses; specifies entity entitled to surplus; repeals provisions relating to qualifications & appointment of surplus trustee in foreclosure actions; exempts certain funds remaining after a judicial sale from becoming distributable & subject to certain reporting requirements; revises service charges that clerk may receive & deduct from surplus.
Not specified
Died in Governmental Oversight and Accountability  (on 5/5/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/5/2017 S Died in Governmental Oversight and Accountability
5/5/2017 S Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
5/1/2017 S Received
4/30/2017 S Referred to Governmental Oversight and Accountability; Appropriations
4/28/2017 S In Messages
4/28/2017 H CS passed; YEAS 117 NAYS 0
4/28/2017 H Read 3rd time
4/27/2017 H Placed on 3rd reading
4/27/2017 H Read 2nd time
4/24/2017 H CS/CS/CS by Judiciary Committee read 1st time
4/24/2017 H Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/27/17
4/24/2017 H Placed on Calendar
4/22/2017 H Pending review of CS -under Rule 7.18(c)
4/20/2017 H CS/CS/CS by- Judiciary Committee; YEAS 16 NAYS 0
4/20/2017 House Judiciary Committee Hearing (08:00 4/20/2017 Sumner Hall)
4/18/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 04/20/17, 8:00 am, Sumner Hall
4/3/2017 H Now in Judiciary Committee
3/31/2017 H CS/CS by Appropriations Committee read 1st time
3/31/2017 H Pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c)
3/29/2017 H CS/CS by Appropriations Committee; YEAS 26 NAYS 0
3/29/2017 House Appropriations Committee Hearing (11:30 3/29/2017 Webster Hall)
3/27/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Appropriations Committee, 03/29/17, 11:30 am, Webster Hall
3/17/2017 H Now in Appropriations Committee
3/17/2017 H CS referred to Appropriations Committee; Judiciary Committee
3/17/2017 H Original reference(s) removed: Government Accountability Committee
3/15/2017 H CS by Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee read 1st time
3/14/2017 H Pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c)
3/13/2017 H CS by Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee; YEAS 12 NAYS 0
3/13/2017 House Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee Hearing (13:00 3/13/2017 Morris Hall)
3/10/2017 UK No Senate Action
3/10/2017 UK Withdrawn Prior to Consideration
3/9/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee, 03/13/17, 1:00 pm, Morris Hall
3/7/2017 H Bill is introduced or prefiled
2/15/2017 H Referred to Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee; Appropriations Committee; Government Accountability Committee
2/7/2017 H Filed
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 4/28/2017 House: Third Reading RCS#364 117 0 3