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  • FL H0819
  • Firearms
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2017 Regular Session
Requires business, organization, or entity that prohibits concealed weapon or firearm licensee from carrying weapon or firearm onto its property to assume certain responsibility for safety & defense of such licensee; provides that such responsibility extends to conduct of certain people & animals; provides cause of action for concealed weapon or firearm licensee who incurs injury, death, damage, or loss as result of certain acts or attacks occurring on property of such business, organization, or entity.
Not specified
Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee  (on 5/5/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/5/2017 H Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
5/5/2017 H Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
3/7/2017 H Bill is introduced or prefiled
2/23/2017 H Referred to Criminal Justice Subcommittee; Careers and Competition Subcommittee; Judiciary Committee
2/14/2017 H Filed
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