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  • SC S0449
  • SC Constitutional Carry Act of 2017
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122nd General Assembly
Make Technical Changes, To Provide That This Provision Regulates Both Persons Who Possess And Do Not Possess A Concealable Weapons Permit; To Delete Sections 23-31-225 And 23-31-230 Relating To The Unlawful Carrying Of A Concealed Weapon Into A Residence And The Carrying Of A Weapon Between An Automobile And An Accommodation; To Amend Section 23-31-235 Relating To The Posting Of Signs Prohibiting "concealed Weapons" And Replace With Conforming Language Of "weapons"; And By Amending Section 10-11-320 Related To The Trespasses And Offenses Of Public Buildings On Capitol Grounds, To Delete The Term "concealable Weapons' Permit" And Replace With The Term "firearm";
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Senate Judiciary Committee (16:00 5/2/2017 Gressette Room 209)  (on 5/2/2017)
Date Chamber Action Description
5/2/2017 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee (16:00 5/2/2017 Gressette Room 209)
5/2/2017 Senate Judiciary Committee (16:00 5/2/2017 Gressette Room 209)
4/19/2017 S Referred to Subcommittee: Malloy (ch), Fanning, Goldfinch, Rice, Senn
4/18/2017 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee (16:00 4/18/2017 Gressette Room 308)
2/21/2017 S Referred to Committee on Judiciary
2/21/2017 S Introduced and read first time
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