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  • NJ A4665
  • Provides gross income tax credits for certain taxpayers who provide blood donations.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill creates a $100 gross income tax credit for taxpayers who donate blood, platelets, or plasma at least four times in a taxable year. The State has sought to encourage residents to make regular blood donations. The need for blood is ever-present, and simply put, it saves lives. Donations are used to aid individuals battling cancer, trauma victims, surgical patients, premature infants, and American soldiers serving in battlefields. According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the United States is in need of blood, though less than 5 percent of the American population that is eligible to donate blood actually does so each year. To be eligible for this credit, a taxpayer must, for a taxable year, (1) make four donations of whole blood, platelets, or plasma; (2) make two double red cell donations (since the donor must wait twice as long to donate again after a double red cell donation); or (3) make a combination thereof that equals four blood donations. The bill requires the Director of the Division of Taxation to promulgate procedures and forms that the donors could use to verify, for tax purposes, that the requisite number of donations have been made. Cord blood banks are not covered by this proposal.
Human Services
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee  (on 3/6/2017)
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3/6/2017 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee
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