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  • NJ A5033
  • Requires DHS to report on transition to new fiscal intermediary by Division of Developmental Disabilities.
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2016-2017 Regular Session
This bill requires the Department of Human Services to prepare, and submit no later than July 1, 2018 to the Governor and Legislature pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1991, c.164 (C.52:14-19.1), a written report concerning the transition to the new fiscal intermediary service organization, Public Partnerships, LLC, from the prior fiscal intermediary service organization, Easter Seals of New Jersey, by the Division of Developmental Disabilities for individuals that utilize self-directed employees to provide services and supports. The bill requires that the information in the report include, but not be limited to: an assessment of the status of the transition; issues encountered, if any, that impeded timely or complete enrollment by new individuals or individuals transferring from the previous fiscal intermediary service organization; and actions taken, if any, by the fiscal intermediary service organization to remediate such issues. The report shall also include data concerning rates of self-directed employee retention, the timeliness and efficacy of all of the component services provided by the fiscal intermediary service organization for management of payroll, budget management, compliance with all applicable legal requirements, employee training on behalf of individuals who choose to utilize self-directed employees for support services, all incidents of service failure that adversely impacted an individual, the number of employment-related lawsuits, if any, filed after the effective date of the transition in which a family member of an individual utilizing self-directed employees was named as a party, in that family member's role as employer of record, and the number of self-directed employees who are without health insurance as a consequence of the transition. This bill would take effect immediately upon enactment, and would expire on the 30th day after the department submits its report as prescribed by the bill.
Human Services
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee  (on 6/19/2017)
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6/19/2017 A Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee
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