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  • FL H0009
  • Federal Immigration Enforcement
In Committee
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2018 Regular Session
Designates act "Rule of Law Adherence Act"; prohibits sanctuary policies; requires state & local governmental agencies to comply with & support enforcement of federal immigration law; provides requirements concerning immigration detainers & certain arrested persons; prohibits restrictions on transfer of certain information related to enforcement of immigration law; authorizes law enforcement agency to transport unauthorized alien; authorizes ordinances for recovery immigration detainer costs; provides whistle-blower protections for certain officials; requires AG to prescribe format for complaints; provides injunctive relief & civil penalties; prohibits expenditure of public funds for specified purposes; provides cause of action for personal injury or wrongful death attributed to sanctuary policy; prohibits discrimination on specified grounds; requires repeal of existing sanctuary policies.
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Received  (on 1/31/2018)
Date Chamber Action Description
1/31/2018 S Received
1/30/2018 S Referred to Judiciary; Rules
1/24/2018 S In Messages
1/12/2018 H CS passed; YEAS 71 NAYS 35
1/12/2018 H Read 3rd time 329
1/11/2018 H Placed on 3rd reading
1/11/2018 H Amendment(s) failed (396255, 420719, 932581)
1/11/2018 H Read 2nd time
1/9/2018 H CS by Judiciary Committee read 1st time
1/9/2018 H Bill is introduced or prefiled
1/8/2018 H Placed on Special Order Calendar, 01/11/18
11/8/2017 H Placed on Calendar
11/7/2017 H Pending review of CS -under Rule 7.18(c)
11/7/2017 H CS by- Judiciary Committee; YEAS 11 NAYS 7
11/7/2017 House Judiciary Committee Hearing (09:30 11/7/2017 Sumner Hall)
11/6/2017 UK No Senate Action
10/31/2017 H On Committee agenda-- Judiciary Committee, 11/07/17, 9:30 am, Sumner Hall
8/30/2017 H Referred to Judiciary Committee
8/24/2017 H Filed
Date Motion Yea Nay Other
Detail 1/12/2018 House: Third Reading RCS#501 70 35 14
Detail 1/11/2018 House: Third Reading RCS#498 39 66 14
Detail 1/11/2018 House: Third Reading RCS#497 38 67 14
Detail 1/11/2018 House: Third Reading RCS#499 38 66 15