Elected: 2015 In Office: Yes Ballotpedia
Follow The Money
Travis Hutson  -  (R) Florida
State Senator - Florida Senate District 07
State Capitol
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
  • Phone: (850) 487-5007
State District
4875 Palm Coast Parkway, NW
Palm Coast, FL 32137
  • Phone: (386) 446-7610
  • Fax: (888) 263-3475
Bill Bill Name Summary
S0166 Craft Distilleries Revising the limitations on retail sales by craft distilleries to consumers, etc.
S0176 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products Exempting the sale of feminine hygiene products from the sales and use tax, etc.
S0234 Land Acquisition Trust Fund Requiring a specified appropriation for certain projects related to the St. Johns River and its tributaries or the Keystone Lake Region, etc.
S0064 State Park Fees Providing certain discounts on state park fees to specified foster and adoptive families; requiring the Division of Recreation and Parks within the Department of Environmental Protection to establish certain documentation ...
S0392 High School Graduation Requirements Citing this act as the "Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Education Act"; revising the requirements for the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to include financial literacy; revising the required credits for a sta...
S0406 Compassionate Use of Low-THC Cannabis and Marijuana Authorizing physicians to issue physician certifications to specified patients who meet certain conditions; requiring the Department of Health to register caregivers meeting certain requirements on the compassionate use re...
S0452 Health Insurance Coverage for Enteral Formulas Deleting the annual coverage limit and age limit for coverage of certain food products for the treatment of certain diseases, etc.
S0490 Tax on Sales, Use, and Other Transactions Providing an exemption from the sales and use tax for the sale of certain clothing, wallets, bags, school supplies, and personal computers and related accessories during a specified period, etc.
S0666 Prohibited Discrimination Citing this act as the "Florida Competitive Workforce Act;"adding sexual orientation and gender identity as impermissible grounds for discrimination in public lodging establishments and public food service establishments; ...
S0786 Federal Immigration Enforcement Citing this act as the "Rule of Law Adherence Act"; prohibiting sanctuary policies; requiring state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies to comply with and support the enforcement of federal ...
S0920 Groveland Four Acknowledging the grave injustices perpetrated against Charles Greenlee, Walter Irvin, Samuel Shepherd, and Ernest Thomas, who came to be known as "the Groveland Four"; and urging the Governor and Cabinet to perform an exp...
S1210 Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education Requiring each district school board to adopt a process allowing parents or residents of the county to object to the use of specific instructional materials based on specified criteria; revising the requirements for school...
S1224 Public Records and Public Meetings/Campus Emergency Response for Public ... Providing an exemption from public records requirements for a public postsecondary educational institution's campus emergency response plan when held by specified custodial agencies; providing an exemption from public meet...
S1228 Marine Turtle Protection Act Adding the existing offense of possession of any marine turtle species or hatchling, or parts thereof, or nests to level 3 of the offense severity ranking chart for the purpose of increasing sentencing points for convictio...
S1440 Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys/Florida School for Boys Acknowledging the abuses experienced by children confined in the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys and the Florida School for Boys at Okeechobee and expressing the Senate's regret for such abuses and its commitment to ensur...
S1536 Agricultural Practices Exempting certain animal and aquaculture health products, fencing materials, and oxygen products from sales, rental, use, consumption, distribution, and storage taxes; revising the circumstances under which a truck tractor...
S1590 Coastal Management Revising the criteria to be considered by the Department of Environmental Protection in determining and assigning annual funding priorities for beach management and erosion control projects; revising the list of projects t...
S0088 High School Graduation Requirements Revising the requirements for the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to include financial literacy; revising the required credits for a standard high school diploma to include one-half credit of instruction in person...
S0062 Assignment of Property Insurance Benefits Prohibiting certain awards of attorney fees to certain persons or entities in suits based on claims arising under property insurance policies; requiring an assignee to meet certain requirements as a condition precedent to ...
S0138 Perinatal Mental Health Citing this act as the "Florida Families First Act"; requiring the Department of Health to create public service announcements to educate the public on perinatal mental health care; revising components that are included in...
S0140 Marriage Licenses Providing that a marriage license may not be issued to a person under the age of 18 years except under certain circumstances; requiring parties to a marriage to file a written and signed affidavit with the county court jud...
S1222 School Grades Providing that a school exhibits a feeder pattern for the purpose of designating school grades if at least a majority of its students are scheduled to be assigned to the graded school, etc.
S0174 Coastal Management Revising the criteria to be considered by the Department of Environmental Protection in determining and assigning annual funding priorities for beach management and erosion control projects; requiring that certain projects...
S0204 Land Acquisition Trust Fund Revising the specified appropriation for spring restoration, protection, and management projects; requiring a specified appropriation for certain projects related to the St. Johns River and its tributaries or the Keystone ...
S0210 India Independence Day/India Heritage Month Recognizing August 15, 2018, as "India Independence Day" and August 2018 as "India Heritage Month" in Florida, etc.
S1360 National Statuary Hall Requesting the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith in the National Statuary Hall Collection with a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune, etc.
S0184 Joint Committee on the Library of Congress/Statue Replacement Approval Requesting the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith in the National Statuary Hall Collection with a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune, etc.
S0284 Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities Requiring the Agency for Health Care Administration to determine compliance with standards for electricity and emergency power sources during the routine inspection of a licensed nursing home facility; requiring the agency...
S0286 Florida Slavery Memorial Establishing the Florida Slavery Memorial; providing for administration of the memorial by the Department of Management Services; directing the department to develop a specified plan for the design, placement, and cost of ...
S0396 Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage for Windshield Glass Prohibiting motor vehicle repair shops or their employees from offering anything of value to a customer in exchange for making an insurance claim for motor vehicle glass replacement or repair, including offers made through...
S0434 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Pilot Project Revising the definition of the term "prescribed pediatric extended care center" or "PPEC center" to include certain buildings that provide certain residential services to infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome; providin...
S0532 Public Records/Voters and Voter Registration Providing an exemption from public records requirements for information concerning preregistered voter registration applicants who are minors; providing for future legislative review and repeal; providing a statement of pu...
S0616 Motor Vehicle Dealers Revising the definitions of the terms "motor vehicle dealer," "franchised motor vehicle dealer," "independent motor vehicle dealer," and "wholesale motor vehicle dealer"; adding an exception to the prohibition against pers...
S0952 Cruelty to Animals Citing this act as "Ponce's Law"; authorizing a court to prohibit certain offenders from owning or having contact with animals, etc.
S1020 Alcohol Deliveries Including an electronic order as a type of order construed as a sale made at a vendor's licensed place of business; authorizing a vendor to make certain deliveries in a third-party vehicle under certain circumstances; prov...
S1052 Lost or Abandoned Property Providing that certain provisions of ch. 705, F.S., do not apply to lost or abandoned personal property on the premises of specified facilities if certain conditions are met; providing for the disposal of lost or abandoned...
S1062 Jewish American Heritage Week Recognizing February 12-16, 2018, as Jewish American Heritage Week in Florida, etc.
S1114 Professional Regulation Authorizing a person to seek a declaratory statement from an agency as to the effect of the person's criminal background on his or her eligibility for certain licenses, registrations, or certificates; deleting the requirem...
S1226 Sentencing for Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators Redefining the terms "permanent residence," "temporary residence," and "transient residence" by decreasing the amount of days a person abides, lodges, or resides in a certain place to qualify for that type of residency cat...
S1884 Military and Veterans Affairs Providing requirements relating to licensure or qualification of persons ordered into active duty or state active duty; revising provisions relating to receiving training grants from Florida is for Veterans, Inc.; requirin...
S0352 Sports Franchise Facilities Prohibiting a sports franchise from constructing, reconstructing, renovating, or improving a facility on leased public land; requiring that a lease of a facility on public land by a sports franchise or a sale of public lan...
S1728 Veterinary Medicine Providing and revising definitions relating to veterinary medical practice, etc.
S1262 Election Dates for Municipal Office Requiring the governing body of a municipality to determine the dates on which initial and runoff elections for municipal office are held and providing options therefor; requiring counties that have established certain dat...
S1630 Medically Essential Electric Utility Service Providing notification requirements for electric utilities relating to the certification process for obtaining medically essential electric utility service and service disconnection; requiring certain health care practitio...
S0822 Beverage Law Prohibiting certain entities and persons from directly or indirectly assisting any vendor in certain ways; authorizing the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco to impose administrative sanctions for a violation of c...
S1258 Florida Security for Public Deposits Act Specifying conditions that must be met before the Chief Financial Officer may designate a credit union as a qualified public depository; specifying the mutual responsibility and contingent liability of certain credit union...
S1520 Licensure of Child Care Programs Requiring certain organizations offering child care through after-school programs to be licensed as child care facilities, etc.
S1132 Vessel Safety Inspection Decals Providing rulemaking authority to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regarding expiration and design of safety inspection decals, etc.
S0278 Public Records/Department of State Providing an exemption from public records requirements for certain information received by the Department of State from another state or the District of Columbia which is confidential or exempt pursuant to the laws of tha...
S0248 County Court Judges Increasing the number of county court judges authorized for Citrus and Flagler Counties, etc.
S0840 Gaming Authorizing and directing the Governor, in cooperation with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, to execute a new compact in the form provided; exempting a fantasy contest from certain regulations; authorizing a greyhound racing...
S0276 Voter Registration List Maintenance Authorizing the Department of State to become a member of a nongovernmental entity to verify voter registration information; requiring the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to provide specified information to...
S0186 Resign-to-run Law Requiring an officer who qualifies for federal public office to resign from the office he or she presently holds if the terms, or any part thereof, run concurrently; prescribing requirements for the written resignation; pr...
S0176 Traffic Infraction Detectors Repealing provisions relating to the installation and use of traffic infraction detectors to enforce specified provisions when a driver fails to stop at a traffic signal, provisions that authorize the Department of Highway...
S1290 Career and Technical Education Specifying goals for a CAPE pathway; requiring each school district, in consultation with local businesses and Florida College System institutions, to develop at least one CAPE pathway in a specified area by a specified sc...
S1462 Excess Credit Hour Surcharges Revising provisions relating to additional student payment for credit hours exceeding baccalaureate degree program completion requirements at state universities, etc.
S1464 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Requiring that the Legislature appropriate additional funds necessary for use of an award for summer term enrollment as provided in the General Appropriations Act, etc.
S1170 Florida Security for Public Deposits Act Redefining terms, which includes the addition of credit unions as qualified public depositories under the Florida Security for Public Deposits Act; specifying conditions that must be met before the Chief Financial Officer ...
S1070 Voter Registration List Maintenance Authorizing the Department of State to enter into certain interstate agreements or become a member of a nongovernmental entity to verify voter registration information; requiring the department to share certain information...
S1072 Public Records/Interstate Agreement or a Membership in a Nongovernmental... Creating a public records exemption for certain information received by the Department of State from another state, through an interstate agreement or a membership in a nongovernmental entity whose membership is solely com...
S0820 Taxation of the Rental of Commercial Real Property Providing an exemption from the tax for property with a total annual rental payment under a specified limit; defining the terms "total annual rental payment" and "affiliated group", etc.
S0884 Shark Fins Prohibiting persons from possessing separated shark fins except under certain conditions; providing penalties; prohibiting persons with suspended or revoked license privileges from engaging in certain activities, etc.
S0822 Intrusion and Burglar Alarms Providing an exclusion from the requirement for a verification call prior to alarm dispatch for specified premises, etc.
S0482 Supreme Court Justices/District Courts of Appeal Judges Proposing amendments to the State Constitution to create a minimum age requirement and term limits for Supreme Court Justices and judges of the district courts of appeal and require 1 year of prior service as a judge for a...
S0694 Consolidation of Medicaid Waiver Programs Authorizing any state agency or department involved in providing health, social, or human services to make payments for medical assistance for certain persons diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); requ...
S0818 Timeshares Revising the definition of the term "interestholder" to clarify that the term does not include certain parties to a certain multisite timeshare plan; revising requirements for the termination of a timeshare plan; specifyin...
S0466 Motor Vehicle Warranty Repairs and Recall Repairs Prohibiting a manufacturer, factory branch, distributor, or importer from denying a claim of a motor vehicle dealer, reducing compensation to a motor vehicle dealer, or processing a chargeback to a motor vehicle dealer bec...
S0388 Beverage Law Providing an exemption from provisions relating to the tied house evil for specified financial transactions between a manufacturer of beer or malt beverages and a licensed vendor; repealing provisions relating to limitatio...
S0746 Trauma Care Requiring the Department of Health to designate trauma centers, publish a statewide trauma plan, establish and maintain a statewide trauma registry, solicit input from stakeholders and experts, and foster the provision of ...
S0596 Utilities Authorizing the Department of Transportation and certain local governmental entities to prescribe and enforce reasonable rules or regulations with reference to the placing and maintaining across, on, or within the right-of...
S0390 Reimbursement of Certain Taxes Authorizing partial reimbursement of ad valorem taxes paid on homestead properties that are rendered uninhabitable from damage inflicted by a hurricane or tornado during 2016; requiring that the property owner provide docu...
S0352 Legislative Redistricting and Congressional Reapportionment Providing that candidate qualifying, nomination, and election for certain offices must proceed using current district boundaries if revisions to districts subject to a court challenge are not made as of a certain date; spe...
S0258 Education Authorizing a maximum bonus of $3,000 for Advanced International Certificate of Education teachers under certain circumstances, etc.
S0120 Offenses by Aliens Unlawfully Present in the United States Requiring specified offenses to be reclassified if committed by such aliens; specifying the reclassification of these offenses; specifying the enhancement of the level of the ranking for purposes of sentencing and gain-tim...
S0116 Transfer of Vetoed Appropriations to the Budget Stabilization Fund Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to require the transfer of the amount of a vetoed specific appropriation originating from the General Revenue Fund to the Budget Stabilization Fund, to specify that the amou...
S0336 Household Movers Requiring the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to deny or refuse to renew the registration of a mover or a moving broker under certain circumstances; prohibiting a mover or moving broker from knowingly refus...
S0272 Ad Valorem Taxation Requiring a property appraiser to reduce the assessed value of a residential property damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster under certain conditions; requiring a property appraiser who determines a property is eligibl...
Bill Number Motion Vote Date Vote
H5001 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/11/2018 Yea
H5003 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/11/2018 Yea
H5005 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/11/2018 Yea
H7087 Senate: Third Reading RCS#2 3/11/2018 Yea
H0021 Senate: Third Reading RCS#62 3/9/2018 Yea
H0055 Senate: Third Reading RCS#56 3/9/2018 Yea
H0141 Senate: Third Reading RCS#50 3/9/2018 Yea
H0165 Senate: Third Reading RCS#37 3/9/2018 Yea
H0215 Senate: Third Reading RCS#39 3/9/2018 Yea
H0411 Senate: Third Reading RCS#23 3/9/2018 Yea
H0449 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/9/2018 Yea
H0465 Senate: Third Reading RCS#47 3/9/2018 Yea
H0483 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/9/2018 Yea
H0523 Senate: Third Reading RCS#33 3/9/2018 Yea
H0529 Senate: Third Reading RCS#16 3/9/2018 Yea
H0533 Senate: Third Reading RCS#45 3/9/2018 Yea
H0565 Senate: Third Reading RCS#28 3/9/2018 Yea
H0577 Senate: Third Reading RCS#43 3/9/2018 Yea
H0581 Senate: Third Reading RCS#42 3/9/2018 Yea
H0599 Senate: Third Reading RCS#46 3/9/2018 Yea
H0669 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/9/2018 Other
H0675 Senate: Third Reading RCS#19 3/9/2018 Yea
H0703 Senate: Third Reading RCS#27 3/9/2018 Yea
H0705 Senate: Third Reading RCS#25 3/9/2018 Yea
H0721 Senate: Third Reading RCS#44 3/9/2018 Yea
H0731 Senate: Third Reading RCS#52 3/9/2018 Yea
H0841 Senate: Third Reading RCS#55 3/9/2018 Yea
H0875 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/9/2018 Yea
H0937 Senate: Third Reading RCS#21 3/9/2018 Yea
H1065 Senate: Third Reading RCS#26 3/9/2018 Yea
H1069 Senate: Third Reading RCS#34 3/9/2018 Yea
H1149 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/9/2018 Yea
H1151 Senate: Third Reading RCS#59 3/9/2018 Yea
H1201 Senate: Third Reading RCS#31 3/9/2018 Yea
H1211 Senate: Third Reading RCS#36 3/9/2018 Yea
H1301 Senate: Third Reading RCS#58 3/9/2018 Yea
H1337 Senate: Third Reading RCS#35 3/9/2018 Yea
H1383 Senate: Third Reading RCS#40 3/9/2018 Yea
H6003 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/9/2018 Yea
H6009 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/9/2018 Yea
H6501 Senate: Third Reading RCS#29 3/9/2018 Yea
H6505 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/9/2018 Yea
H6535 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/9/2018 Yea
H7061 Senate: Third Reading RCS#53 3/9/2018 Yea
H7093 Senate: Third Reading RCS#60 3/9/2018 Yea
S0100 Senate: Third Reading RCS#24 3/9/2018 Yea
S0358 Senate: Third Reading RCS#38 3/9/2018 Yea
S0382 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/9/2018 Yea
S0566 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/9/2018 Yea
S0820 Senate: Third Reading RCS#48 3/9/2018 Yea
S0848 Senate: Third Reading RCS#41 3/9/2018 Yea
S0870 Senate: Third Reading RCS#51 3/9/2018 Yea
S0872 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/9/2018 Yea
S1066 Senate: Third Reading RCS#32 3/9/2018 Yea
S1104 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/9/2018 Yea
S1314 Senate: Third Reading RCS#30 3/9/2018 Yea
S1348 Senate: Third Reading RCS#54 3/9/2018 Yea
S1392 Senate: Third Reading RCS#64 3/9/2018 Yea
S1552 Senate: Third Reading RCS#63 3/9/2018 Yea
S1628 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/9/2018 Other
S1862 Senate: Third Reading RCS#49 3/9/2018 Yea
H0021 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/8/2018 Yea
H0037 Senate: Third Reading RCS#25 3/8/2018 Yea
H0063 Senate: Third Reading RCS#30 3/8/2018 Yea
H0185 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/8/2018 Yea
H0283 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/8/2018 Yea
H0351 Senate: Third Reading RCS#26 3/8/2018 Yea
H0359 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/8/2018 Other
H0359 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/8/2018 Other
H0395 Senate: Third Reading RCS#42 3/8/2018 Yea
H0495 Senate: Third Reading RCS#33 3/8/2018 Other
H0547 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/8/2018 Other
H0667 Senate: Third Reading RCS#67 3/8/2018 Other
H0841 Senate: Third Reading RCS#70 3/8/2018 Nay
H0869 Senate: Third Reading RCS#43 3/8/2018 Yea
H0889 Senate: Third Reading RCS#44 3/8/2018 Yea
H0891 Senate: Third Reading RCS#45 3/8/2018 Yea
H0901 Senate: Third Reading RCS#46 3/8/2018 Yea
H0961 Senate: Third Reading RCS#34 3/8/2018 Yea
H1009 Senate: Third Reading RCS#35 3/8/2018 Yea
H1015 Senate: Third Reading RCS#47 3/8/2018 Yea
H1017 Senate: Third Reading RCS#48 3/8/2018 Yea
H1071 Senate: Third Reading RCS#49 3/8/2018 Yea
H1073 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/8/2018 Yea
H1079 Senate: Third Reading RCS#37 3/8/2018 Yea
H1089 Senate: Third Reading RCS#50 3/8/2018 Yea
H1091 Senate: Third Reading RCS#32 3/8/2018 Yea
H1093 Senate: Third Reading RCS#51 3/8/2018 Yea
H1113 Senate: Third Reading RCS#52 3/8/2018 Yea
H1115 Senate: Third Reading RCS#53 3/8/2018 Yea
H1117 Senate: Third Reading RCS#54 3/8/2018 Yea
H1119 Senate: Third Reading RCS#55 3/8/2018 Yea
H1137 Senate: Third Reading RCS#56 3/8/2018 Yea
H1139 Senate: Third Reading RCS#57 3/8/2018 Yea
H1141 Senate: Third Reading RCS#58 3/8/2018 Yea
H1239 Senate: Third Reading RCS#59 3/8/2018 Yea
H1265 Senate: Third Reading RCS#31 3/8/2018 Yea
H1373 Senate: Third Reading RCS#19 3/8/2018 Other
H1393 Senate: Third Reading RCS#41 3/8/2018 Yea
H1395 Senate: Third Reading RCS#60 3/8/2018 Yea
H1397 Senate: Third Reading RCS#61 3/8/2018 Yea
H1423 Senate: Third Reading RCS#62 3/8/2018 Yea
H1435 Senate: Third Reading RCS#36 3/8/2018 Yea
H1447 Senate: Third Reading RCS#63 3/8/2018 Yea
H1449 Senate: Third Reading RCS#64 3/8/2018 Yea
H1451 Senate: Third Reading RCS#65 3/8/2018 Yea
H6049 Senate: Third Reading RCS#21 3/8/2018 Yea
H6059 Senate: Third Reading RCS#38 3/8/2018 Yea
H6509 Senate: Third Reading RCS#16 3/8/2018 Yea
H6523 Senate: Third Reading RCS#29 3/8/2018 Yea
H6527 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/8/2018 Other
H6545 Senate: Third Reading RCS#24 3/8/2018 Yea
H7043 Senate: Third Reading RCS#27 3/8/2018 Yea
H7045 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/8/2018 Yea
H7061 Senate: Third Reading RCS#71 3/8/2018 Yea
H7075 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/8/2018 Other
H7077 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/8/2018 Other
H7093 Senate: Third Reading RCS#39 3/8/2018 Yea
H7095 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/8/2018 Other
H7097 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/8/2018 Other
S0774 Senate: Third Reading RCS#23 3/8/2018 Yea
S0792 Senate: Third Reading RCS#28 3/8/2018 Yea
S1576 Senate: Third Reading RCS#68 3/8/2018 Yea
H0135 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/7/2018 Yea
H0155 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/7/2018 Yea
H0333 Senate: Third Reading RCS#25 3/7/2018 Yea
H0417 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/7/2018 Yea
H0491 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/7/2018 Yea
H0513 Senate: Third Reading RCS#21 3/7/2018 Yea
H0539 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/7/2018 Yea
H0551 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/7/2018 Yea
H0617 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/7/2018 Yea
H0651 Senate: Third Reading RCS#16 3/7/2018 Yea
H0953 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/7/2018 Yea
H1055 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/7/2018 Yea
H1059 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/7/2018 Yea
H1127 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/7/2018 Yea
H1173 Senate: Third Reading RCS#24 3/7/2018 Yea
H1177 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/7/2018 Yea
H1217 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/7/2018 Yea
H1361 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/7/2018 Yea
H7067 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/7/2018 Yea
S0210 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/7/2018 Yea
S1042 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/7/2018 Yea
S1256 Senate: Third Reading RCS#19 3/7/2018 Yea
H0281 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/6/2018 Yea
H0361 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/6/2018 Yea
H0591 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/6/2018 Yea
H0631 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/6/2018 Nay
H0639 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/6/2018 Yea
H0661 Senate: Third Reading RCS#2 3/6/2018 Yea
H1013 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/6/2018 Yea
H1165 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/6/2018 Yea
H1187 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/6/2018 Yea
H1267 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/6/2018 Yea
H1285 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/6/2018 Yea
H1437 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/6/2018 Yea
H6033 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/6/2018 Yea
H0029 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/5/2018 Yea
H0029 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/5/2018 Yea
H1279 Senate: Third Reading RCS#16 3/5/2018 Yea
H7001 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/5/2018 Yea
H7021 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/5/2018 Yea
H7023 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/5/2018 Yea
H7025 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/5/2018 Yea
H7027 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/5/2018 Yea
H7055 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/5/2018 Yea
H7099 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/5/2018 Yea
S0004 Senate: Third Reading RCS#23 3/5/2018 Yea
S0140 Senate: Third Reading RCS#24 3/5/2018 Yea
S1646 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/5/2018 Yea
S1940 Senate: Third Reading RCS#21 3/5/2018 Yea
S7024 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/5/2018 Yea
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/5/2018 Yea
S7028 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/5/2018 Other
H7059 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/3/2018 Other
S0162 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/3/2018 Yea
S0376 Senate: Third Reading RCS#2 3/3/2018 Yea
S0382 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/3/2018 Yea
S0616 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/3/2018 Yea
S0622 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/3/2018 Yea
S0920 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/3/2018 Yea
S0992 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/3/2018 Yea
S1046 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/3/2018 Yea
S1712 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/3/2018 Yea
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#19 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#23 3/3/2018 Nay
S7026 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/3/2018 Nay
H1011 Senate: Third Reading RCS#31 3/2/2018 Yea
H7055 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/2/2018 Nay
H7055 Senate: Third Reading RCS#2 3/2/2018 Nay
S0034 Senate: Third Reading RCS#18 3/2/2018 Yea
S0160 Senate: Third Reading RCS#35 3/2/2018 Yea
S0168 Senate: Third Reading RCS#22 3/2/2018 Yea
S0268 Senate: Third Reading RCS#17 3/2/2018 Yea
S0280 Senate: Third Reading RCS#19 3/2/2018 Yea
S0394 Senate: Third Reading RCS#21 3/2/2018 Yea
S0434 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/2/2018 Yea
S0450 Senate: Third Reading RCS#23 3/2/2018 Yea
S0512 Senate: Third Reading RCS#16 3/2/2018 Yea
S0562 Senate: Third Reading RCS#20 3/2/2018 Yea
S0566 Senate: Third Reading RCS#33 3/2/2018 Yea
S0632 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/2/2018 Yea
S0654 Senate: Third Reading RCS#24 3/2/2018 Yea
S0674 Senate: Third Reading RCS#26 3/2/2018 Yea
S0710 Senate: Third Reading RCS#25 3/2/2018 Yea
S0740 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/2/2018 Yea
S0752 Senate: Third Reading RCS#30 3/2/2018 Yea
S0764 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/2/2018 Yea
S0800 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/2/2018 Yea
S0872 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/2/2018 Yea
S0942 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/2/2018 Yea
S0982 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/2/2018 Yea
S1018 Senate: Third Reading RCS#27 3/2/2018 Yea
S1132 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/2/2018 Yea
S1248 Senate: Third Reading RCS#34 3/2/2018 Yea
S1392 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/2/2018 Yea
S1424 Senate: Third Reading RCS#32 3/2/2018 Yea
S1526 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/2/2018 Yea
S1528 Senate: Third Reading RCS#28 3/2/2018 Yea
S1552 Senate: Third Reading RCS#29 3/2/2018 Yea
S1650 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/2/2018 Yea
H0455 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 3/1/2018 Yea
H0545 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 3/1/2018 Yea
H0735 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 3/1/2018 Yea
H0755 Senate: Third Reading RCS#8 3/1/2018 Yea
H0935 Senate: Third Reading RCS#15 3/1/2018 Yea
H7011 Senate: Third Reading RCS#12 3/1/2018 Yea
H7013 Senate: Third Reading RCS#11 3/1/2018 Yea
H7041 Senate: Third Reading RCS#13 3/1/2018 Yea
H7051 Senate: Third Reading RCS#2 3/1/2018 Yea
H7053 Senate: Third Reading RCS#14 3/1/2018 Yea
H7069 Senate: Third Reading RCS#9 3/1/2018 Yea
S0174 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 3/1/2018 Yea
S1776 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 3/1/2018 Yea
S7004 Senate: Third Reading RCS#10 3/1/2018 Yea
H0075 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 2/28/2018 Yea
S0100 Senate: Third Reading RCS#4 2/28/2018 Yea
S0330 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 2/28/2018 Yea
S0440 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 2/28/2018 Yea
H0067 Senate: Third Reading RCS#3 2/27/2018 Yea
H0067 Senate: Third Reading RCS#5 2/27/2018 Yea
H0413 Senate: Third Reading RCS#6 2/27/2018 Yea
H0429 Senate: Third Reading RCS#7 2/27/2018 Yea
Role Committee
Detail Chairman Senate Committee on Regulated Industries
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism
Detail State Committee Member Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Ethics and Elections
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation
Detail State Committee Member Senate Committee on Health Policy
Name Title Role Description Location Address Phone Email
John Kotyk Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor Capitol Office 404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL. 32399-1100
(850) 487-5007 kotyk.john@flsenate.gov
Danielle Curbow Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor District Office 1 4875 Palm Coast Parkway Northwest
Palm Coast, FL. 32137
(386) 446-7610 curbow.danielle@flsenate.gov
Matthew Kauffmann Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor District Office 1 4875 Palm Coast Parkway Northwest
Palm Coast, FL. 32137
(386) 446-7610 kauffmann.matthew@flsenate.gov
Legislative Service
Elected to the Senate April 7, 2015, reelected subsequently
House of Representatives, 2012-2015
Other Public Service
Flagler County Legislative Delegation Chair, 2013-2015
St. Johns County Legislative Delegation Chair, 2013
Honors and Awards
Florida Chamber of Commerce, Legislative Honor Roll, 2013-2016
School Safety Advocacy Association, National Anti-Bullying Recognition Award, 2016
Florida Farm Bureau, Legislator of the Year, 2016
Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Legislator of the Year, 2016
Florida Home Builders Association, Champion of Housing, 2016
EPIC Behavioral Healthcare, Special Legislative Recognition, 2015
Florida Chamber of Commerce, Distinguished Advocate Award, 2014
Florida League of Cities, Freshman Appreciation Award, 2014
Florida Farm Bureau, Champion of Agriculture, 2013
Flagler County Young Republicans, Distinguished Member
University of Florida Construction Workforce Taskforce, Member
St. Augustine Youth Services, Development Committee, 2009
Hands On Jacksonville, Board Member, 2008
Epic Recovery Center, Board Member, 2008
Biographical Information
Occupation- Hutson Companies Charitable Trusts
Spouse- Tanya Hutson of Easton, PA
Children- Taylor, Tyler
Lafayette College, B.S., Economics and Business, 2007
Born- October 3, 1984 in Jacksonville, Florida
Malcolm Lawrence Hinson, great grandfather, Florida House of Representatives, 1923
Recreation- Fishing, hunting, sports