Elected: 2012 In Office: Yes Ballotpedia
Follow The Money
Kathleen Peters  -  (R) Florida
State Representative - Florida House District 069
State District
6798 Crosswinds Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33710-5477
  • Phone: (727) 341-7385
  • Fax: (727) 341-7387
State Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
  • Phone: (850) 717-5069
Bill Bill Name Summary
H0451 Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment Prohibits performance of advanced well stimulation treatments; clarifies that permits for drilling or operating wells do not authorize performance of advanced well treatments; provides applicability.
H0623 Prohibited Discrimination Provides that sexual orientation & gender identity are impermissible grounds for discrimination in public lodging establishments & public food service establishments; revises provisions of Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 ...
H0063 Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products Exempts from sales & use tax sale of feminine hygiene products; defines term "feminine hygiene product."
H0955 High School Graduation Requirements Revises requirements for NGSSS to include financial literacy; revises required credits for standard high school diploma to include instruction in personal financial literacy & money management.
H1165 Victims of Human Trafficking Provides civil cause of action by victims of human trafficking or Florida Compensation Trust Fund for Survivors of Human Trafficking against certain persons; provides for damages, attorney fees, & costs; provides for civil...
H1213 Coastal Management Revises criteria for state & local participation in authorized projects & studies relating to beach management & erosion control; revises procedures for prioritizing & funding beach management & inlet management projects.
H0199 Veterinary Medicine Defines "complementary or alternative & integrative therapies," "physical examination," "veterinary dentistry," & "veterinary telemedicine"; revises definitions of "veterinary/client/patient relationship," & "veterinary me...
H7071 Utility Regulation Requires specified agency statements to be filed as rules; exempts certain rules from legislative ratification for designated period; revises provisions related to appointing & filling vacancies for PSC commissioners; proh...
H0387 Florida Criminal Justice Reform Task Force Creates task force within legislative branch; specifies membership; establishes manner of appointments & terms of membership; prescribing duties; specifies requirements for meetings; requires report to Legislature by speci...
H1065 Public Notification of Pollution Requires owners & operators of certain installations to notify DEP of specified pollution releases; requires DEP to publish information for such releases; provides civil penalties.
H1361 Town of Redington Beach, Pinellas County Authorizes the town to submit to referendum a previously adopted ordinance for approval.
H0663 Implementation of the Water and Land Conservation Constitutional Amendment Requires minimum specified percentage of funds within Land Acquisition Trust Fund to be appropriated to DEP for specified water supply, water restoration, & water resource development projects; requires distribution to be ...
H1327 Behavioral Health Services Authorizes DCF to approve receiving systems for behavioral health care; requires DCF to post certain data on its website; creates Substance Abuse & Mental Health (SAMH) Safety Net Network; provides for DCF & AHCA to determ...
H0061 Emergency Services for an Unintentional Drug Overdose Requires hospital emergency department to develop best practices policy to reduce readmissions for unintentional drug overdoses; authorizes policy to include certain processes, guidelines, & protocols.
Bill Number Motion Vote Date Vote
H0009 House: Third Reading RCS#9 3/10/2017 Nay
H0301 House: Third Reading RCS#7 3/10/2017 Yea
H7003 House: Third Reading RCS#6 3/10/2017 Yea
H7005 House: Third Reading RCS#10 3/10/2017 Nay
S0280 House: Third Reading RCS#8 3/10/2017 Yea
H7033 House: Third Reading RCS#4 3/9/2017 Yea
Role Committee
Detail Chairman Subcommittee on Energy and Utilities
Detail State Committee Member Subcommittee on Government Operations and Technology
Detail State Committee Member House Committee on Ways and Means
Detail State Committee Member House Committee on Commerce
Name Title Role Description Location Address
Sarah Goldman District Secretary Senior Secretary / Secretary District Office 1 6798 Crosswinds Drive
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710-5477
RJ Myers Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor District Office 1 6798 Crosswinds Drive
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710-5477
Biographical Information
City of Residence- Treasure Island
Occupation- Public Affairs
Child(ren)- Christopher Peters, Steven Peters, Michael Peters, Adam Peters
Grandchild(ren)- Riley Peters, Caleb Peters, Connor Peters, Steven Peters, Jr.
Education- St. Petersburg College, AA; Eckerd College, BA, Human Development
Born- February 27
History- Previously served local government- elected to the South Pasadena City Commission, 2008; elected Mayor, 2009-2012
Moved to Florida- 1985
Religious Affiliation- Catholic
Recreational Interest- cycling, diverse art and music, hiking, kayaking, outdoor enthusiast, paddle boarding, walking on the beach
Legislative Service
Elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2012, reelected subsequently
Other Public Service
Served local government. Elected to the South Pasadena City Commission 2008, Elected Mayor 2009-2012
Rotary Club of St. Petersburg
South Pasadena Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Directors, 2006-2008
Florida Hospital Association Behavioral Health Council, Recognition, 2016
FMHC, Legislator of the Year Award, 2016
M.A. Bernstein Award for Mental Health Awareness, 2016
Association of Counties, County Champion Award, 2015
Florida Association of Counties, Exemplary Public Service Award, 2015
Florida Housing Coalition, Housing Champion, 2015
Florida Partners in Crisis, Legislative Champion, 2015
Florida Sheriff's Association, Legislative Champion, 2015
Florida Veterinary Medical Association, Legislator of the Year, 2015
Osteopathic Medical Society, Legislator of the Year, 2015
Suncoast League of Cities, Legislator of the Year, 2015
TASC Innovator Award, 2015
Association of Counties, County Champion Award, 2014
League of Cities, "Defender of Home Rule" Award, 2014
St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Woman of Distinction Award, nominee, 2006
Princess of the Queen of Hearts Royal Court for outstanding community service, 2005
Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center, Advisory Board, past member
Chaired major fundraising events for the St. Petersburg Museum of History, Queen of Hearts Royal Court, Boys and Girls Clubs, and many other charitable organizations.