Elected: 2012
Re-Election: 2016
In Office: Yes
Kathleen Mick Peters  -  (R) Florida
State Representative - Florida House District 069
State District
1700 - 66th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710-5510
  • Phone: (727) 341-7385
  • Fax: (727) 341-7387
State Capitol
402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
  • Phone: (850) 717-5069
Bill Bill Name Summary
H0045 Prohibited Discrimination Creates "Florida Competitive Workforce Act"; prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation & gender identity or expression; defines terms; provides exceptions for constitutionally protected free exercise of religion.
H0309 Crimes Evidencing Prejudice Provides for enhancement of penalties for offense if commission of offense evidences prejudice based on victim's employment as justice or judge, correctional officer or correctional probation officer, or first responder; d...
H0269 Services for Veterans and their Families Requires DCF to establish Florida Combat Veterans' Care Coordination Program to provide combat veterans & their families with behavioral healthcare referral & care coordination services & to contract with managing entities...
H0257 Terroristic Threats Provides that person commits crime of terroristic threats if he or she threatens to commit crime of violence; provides criminal penalties; requires payment of restitution.
H0115 Exemption from the Sales and Use Tax for Certain Machinery and Equipment Repeals exemption for certain mixer drums & parts & labor required to affix such mixer drums to mixer trucks on specified date; deletes expiration date for exemption for certain industrial machinery & equipment.
H0375 Physician Assistants Authorizes licensed physician assistant to perform certain services as delegated by supervisory physician; revises circumstances under which physician assistant may prescribe medication; revises physician assistant licensu...
H0877 Beach Management and Erosion Control Revises criteria to be considered by DEP in determining & assigning annual funding priorities for beach management & erosion control projects; requires such criteria to be considered in specified order.
H0139 Dental Care Establishes joint local & state dental care access account initiative, subject to availability of funding; requires DOH to implement EBT system; authorizes DOH to transfer state funds remaining in closed account at specifi...
H0135 Mandatory Minimum Sentences Removes aggravated assault from lists of convictions that carry minimum term of imprisonment in certain circumstances; removes provision prohibiting court from imposing mandatory minimum sentence for conviction for aggrava...
H7055 Child Pornography Repeals existing provisions relating to sexual performance by child; prohibits person from using child in sexual performance; prohibits person from promoting sexual performance by child; prohibits person from possessing wi...
H0545 Human Trafficking Includes human trafficking as predicate offense for felony murder; prohibits permanently branding, or directing permanent branding, of victim of human trafficking; requires DOH to suspend license of massage therapist or ma...
H0823 Ethical Marketing Practices for Substance Abuse Services Prohibits substance abuse treatment providers & operators of recovery residences from engaging in certain marketing practices; provides criminal & civil penalties for engaging in such practices; provides for deposit of civ...
H1235 Housing Assistance Provides duties of State Office on Homelessness; directs State Office on Homelessness to create task force to make recommendations regarding implementation of statewide Homeless Management Information System; revises grant...
H0601 Promotion of Economic Recovery in Puerto Rico Urges Congress to enact certain legislation to promote economic recovery in Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
H0901 Public Records/Property Tax Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabl... Provides exemption from public records requirements for medical & personal identifying information of applicant for or recipient of property tax exemption for totally & permanently disabled persons; authorizes disclosure u...
H1245 Medicaid Provider Overpayments Authorizes AHCA to certify that Medicaid provider is out of business & that overpayments made to provider cannot be collected under state law.
H0937 Tierra Verde Fire Control and Rescue District, Pinellas County Creates district; provides charter; requires referendum.
H0977 Behavioral Health Workforce Expands categories of persons who may prescribe brand drugs under prescription drug program when medically necessary; exempts controlled substances prescribed by ARNP or physician assistant from disqualifications for certi...
H0979 Behavioral Health Care Services Revises Florida Mental Health Act; revises duration of involuntary outpatient & involuntary inpatient commitment orders; revises legislative intent with respect to mental health & substance abuse treatment services; revise...
H0769 Mental Health Treatment Provides for continuation of psychotropic medication by forensic & civil facilities for individuals receiving such medication before admission; provides timeframes within which competency & commitment hearings must be held...
H0645 Alcoholic Beverage Permits Exempts railroad transit stations from regulations for time which alcoholic beverages may be sold, served, & consumed; provides for operators of railroad transit stations to obtain licenses to sell alcoholic beverages at s...
H0129 Juvenile Justice Revises circumstances when state attorney may file information when child of certain age range commits or attempts to commit specified crimes; removes requirement that state attorney file information; prohibits transfer of...
H0337 Vision Care Plans Provides that health insurer, prepaid limited health service organization, & HMO may not require licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist to join network solely for credentialing licensee for another vision network; provide...
Bill Number Motion Vote Date Vote
H0103 House: Third Reading RCS#514 2/3/2016 Yea
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#527 2/3/2016 Yea
H0241 House: Third Reading RCS#513 2/3/2016 Yea
H0299 House: Third Reading RCS#520 2/3/2016 Yea
H0325 House: Third Reading RCS#531 2/3/2016 Yea
H0351 House: Third Reading RCS#519 2/3/2016 Yea
H0381 House: Third Reading RCS#518 2/3/2016 Yea
H0675 House: Third Reading RCS#512 2/3/2016 Yea
H0695 House: Third Reading RCS#528 2/3/2016 Yea
H0875 House: Third Reading RCS#529 2/3/2016 Yea
H4001 House: Third Reading RCS#526 2/3/2016 Yea
H7007 House: Third Reading RCS#517 2/3/2016 Yea
H7013 House: Third Reading RCS#516 2/3/2016 Yea
H7027 House: Third Reading RCS#522 2/3/2016 Yea
H7059 House: Third Reading RCS#530 2/3/2016 Nay
H7061 House: Third Reading RCS#523 2/3/2016 Yea
S0130 House: Third Reading RCS#524 2/3/2016 Yea
S0158 House: Third Reading RCS#521 2/3/2016 Yea
S0218 House: Third Reading RCS#515 2/3/2016 Yea
S0228 House: Third Reading RCS#525 2/3/2016 Yea
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#502 2/2/2016 Yea
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#503 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#504 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#507 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#506 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#510 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#505 2/2/2016 Nay
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#509 2/2/2016 Yea
H0163 House: Third Reading RCS#508 2/2/2016 Yea
H0675 House: Third Reading RCS#500 2/2/2016 Yea
S0158 House: Third Reading RCS#501 2/2/2016 Nay
H0059 House: Third Reading RCS#480 1/27/2016 Yea
H0091 House: Third Reading RCS#481 1/27/2016 Yea
H0127 House: Third Reading RCS#484 1/27/2016 Yea
H0131 House: Third Reading RCS#482 1/27/2016 Yea
H0145 House: Third Reading RCS#493 1/27/2016 Yea
H0173 House: Third Reading RCS#485 1/27/2016 Yea
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#483 1/27/2016 Yea
H0273 House: Third Reading RCS#487 1/27/2016 Yea
H0413 House: Third Reading RCS#494 1/27/2016 Yea
H0479 House: Third Reading RCS#488 1/27/2016 Yea
H0509 House: Third Reading RCS#486 1/27/2016 Yea
H0541 House: Third Reading RCS#489 1/27/2016 Yea
H0585 House: Third Reading RCS#497 1/27/2016 Yea
H7033 House: Third Reading RCS#491 1/27/2016 Yea
H7035 House: Third Reading RCS#492 1/27/2016 Yea
H7071 House: Third Reading RCS#490 1/27/2016 Yea
S0180 House: Third Reading RCS#495 1/27/2016 Yea
S0182 House: Third Reading RCS#496 1/27/2016 Yea
S1030 House: Third Reading RCS#476 1/27/2016 Yea
S1032 House: Third Reading RCS#479 1/27/2016 Yea
S1038 House: Third Reading RCS#478 1/27/2016 Yea
S1040 House: Third Reading RCS#477 1/27/2016 Yea
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#466 1/26/2016 Nay
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#472 1/26/2016 Yea
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#471 1/26/2016 Yea
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#470 1/26/2016 Other
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#473 1/26/2016 Nay
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#468 1/26/2016 Nay
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#469 1/26/2016 Yea
H0191 House: Third Reading RCS#467 1/26/2016 Yea
H0509 House: Third Reading RCS#474 1/26/2016 Yea
H7003 House: Third Reading RCS#462 1/14/2016 Yea
S0552 House: Third Reading RCS#463 1/14/2016 Yea
S0672 House: Third Reading RCS#464 1/14/2016 Yea
Role Committee
Detail Vice Chair Subcommittee on Children, Families and Seniors
Detail State Committee Member Subcommittee on Transportation and Ports
Detail State Committee Member Subcommittee on Justice
Detail State Committee Member Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development
Detail State Committee Member House Committee on Economic Affairs
Name Title Role Description Location Address
Colleen Hartman District Secretary Senior Secretary / Secretary District Office 1 1700 - 66th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710-5510
RJ Myers Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor District Office 1 1700 - 66th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710-5510
Biographical Information
City of Residence- South Pasadena
Occupation- Public Affairs
Child(ren)- Christopher Peters, Steven Peters, Michael Peters, Adam Peters
Grandchild(ren)- Riley Peters, Caleb Peters, Connor Peters, Steven Peters, Jr.
Education- St. Petersburg College, A.A.; Eckerd College, B.A., Human Development
Born- February 27
History- Previously served local government- elected to the South Pasadena City Commission, 2008; elected Mayor, 2009-2012
Moved to Florida- 1985
Religious Affiliation- Catholic
Recreational Interest- cycling, diverse art and music, hiking, kayaking, outdoor enthusiast, walking on the beach
Legislative Service
Elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2012, reelected subsequently
Rotary Club of St. Petersburg
Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce
South Pasadena Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Directors, 2006-2008
Association of Counties, "County Champion" Award, 2014
League of Cities, Legislator of the Year, "Defender of Home Rule" Award, 2014
St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Woman of Distinction Award, nominee, 2006
Princess of the Queen of Hearts Royal Court for outstanding community service, 2005
Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center, Advisory Board, past member
Chaired major fundraising events for the St. Petersburg Museum of History, Queen of Hearts Royal Court, Boys and Girls Clubs, and many other charitable organizations.