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Need to keep your users updated about legislative developments? Simply drop our widget on your website to easily share this information. The widget will show basic bill info for a list of bills you have defined on your bill sheet. It will be kept up to date with the current status of each bill automatically. Your users can click on any bill to get more information, including contact information for the legislator(s) sponsoring the bill.

You control the size and appearance of the widget, as well as the order of the bills listed. You can also set filters to only show bills from specific states, so you can make regional or state by state widgets, if that is what you need for your website, all based off of a single bill sheet.

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Stakeholder Page

Improve communication by easily and securely share information with your stakeholders (clients, members, advocates, constituents, etc). A stakeholder page includes a bill sheet you define, as well as a private forum for discussion and analysis. You control who views the page, as well as who can read and write in the forum, and you can change the access settings any time. Using our tools, setting up a stakeholder page, including adding your logo, is quick and easy.

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Keep track of which legislators are working for your interests, and which are working against you. Our scorecard tool lets you choose a set of bills and rate them, and then we'll tally up votes and show you the results. Legislator scores are presented in several interactive displays: an interactive bar chart, a grid of detailed results, and color coded district map. We will host this page for you, or you can embed it right in your website.

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