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Custom Bill Sheet

Take the tedium out of tracking bills. Our search tool helps you find the bills you'd like to track, and lets you save your search as a bill sheet. A bill sheet is a quick summary to keep you up to date with the most important information about your bills. New bills in your area of interest are automatically added to your bill sheet as they get introduced.

You can fine tune your bill sheet by adding and removing individual bills. You choose what information you see using a simple spreadsheet like display which lets you customize your bill sheet by adding columns for notes, categorization, sorting, etc. You are also one click away from detailed information such as all versions of the full bill text, the complete action history, full sponsor details and contact information, and more. A particularly exciting feature is the ability to compare any two versions of the bill text and see any changes clearly highlighted.

Legislative Tracking BillSheet Screenshot

State Rules and Regulations

LegiNation has created a revolutionary new regulatory tracking tool to complement their existing easy-to-use legislative tracking.

Many businesses and non-profit organizations are now using regulatory advocacy as part of their state and federal government relations strategies. Our new regulatory tracking tool helps you search, find and track state and federal regulations that are important to your organization or clients.

You can search using key words and date range to quickly find what's relevant to you. You can also save searches to get alerts any time your search terms appear in state or federal publications, so you can easily track the progress of important regulatory activity.

Legislative Tracking BillSheet Screenshot

Receive Status Updates

Painlessly stay on top of the day to day legislative activities you need to know about. We keep your bill sheet updated on a daily basis, so you can always check online to see what's new or different in your areas of interest. You can also set email alerts on each bill sheet, deciding what kind of changes (new bill introduced, status change, change to the bill text, new vote, change in sponsorship) will trigger an email. Setting up alerts is easy and you can change your settings at any time.

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