Sharing Important Bills: Examples for Inspiration

November 25, 2016by Karen Suhaka

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We created our bill list widget, map widget, stakeholder page, scorecard, and API hoping they would prove a useful way for people to share important legislation with their members or with the public. We have been delighted with the creative, effective, and even beautiful uses our customers have devised for using our tools. Some examples to help inspire you:

Ballotpedia widget for my representative:

Traditional Map, nice and big, with links to sub-maps below:

Federal scorecard with great instructions above the scorecard, categories for the drop down on each tab, and using new sponsor points:

Widgets well sized, placed, colored, and organized by house and senate:

Scorecard with good categories and informative links on legislation tab:

Chamber stakeholder page with handy categories for sorting:

Regional map that matches customer website colors (scroll down to bottom of the page):

Another pretty map that matches customer website colors with well-customized grid:

Stakeholder page with custom columns and links to old years at the very bottom:

Widget and map together, colored:

Nice use of our API:

Sarah’s blog post with two maps side by side:

Idaho’s Freedom Foundation new app, using our new API 2.0:

Searching via our API:

Widgets for different states (can be built from single bill sheet):

If you are particularly happy with how your page turned out, let us know, and we’ll add it to this list.

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